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Home System:
Home Planet:
  Nephatsu Prime
Age Range:
  700 (Chosen Race)
Psionic Type:
  Telepathic, Emotional, Nephatsu Spoken
Faction Member :

Notable Features

The Nephatsu are a humanoid race with Terran-like features. Considered very beautiful, they have have jet black eyes and hair, and a swept back cranium. Their skin has a silver hue which tints various colors that correspond with their emotions. Most Nephatsu have a lean build. Although the Nephatsu come from an Aquatic environment, their skin isn't covered in scales or slimey. While they do not require an aquatic environment to survive, most Nephatsu enjoy the aquatic environment over a land based one.

Nephatsu lung and oxygen system are especially unique as they are gill-like allowing them to breathe in liquid type environments and filter out oxygen and dump the rest. This system also allows them to survive in various gaseous environments in which other beings would otherwise perish.

Because of their development on a water world, they are naturally strong and Agile. Realizing the importance of physical balance to their already distinguished Mental and Psionic skills, the Nephatsu have many physical disciplines such as martial arts, yoga, dancing, and other technique related activities which have balances between skill and strength.


After the first Chosen Wars, the Nephatsu recovered quicker than the other Chosen races. They gained knowledge quickly and effortlessly, aided by their telepathic ability, despite having forgotten all that the Expletuns had taught them.

Being the first of the chosen to develop FTL travel, they quickly established themselves as an interstellar power. By relying on negotiation, and their telepathic power, they grew successfully by understanding their allies, and developed methods for improving life within their domain. The Nephatsu stopped interstellar expansion upon encountering the Galactic Alliance. Due to the nature of the Galactic Alliance, they stopped to own expanse of power in the galaxy to avoid any future conflict with the powerful GA. It is often stated that it is the Nephatsu's position as a chosen race that causes them to abhor violence. The Nephatsu are recognized as a neutral power, and seemingly have few enemies. The only true allies of the Nephatsu, are their chosen cousins the Akerians and the Metorians despite their many differences.

Other Information


The combination of telepathy and the emotional awareness of other Nephatsu leads to a unique mentality for this race. Nephatsu often do not distinguish between their own thoughts and emotions, and those of other Nephatsu around them. During periods of calmness this yields a group sense of peace and sharing that is amazingly efficient and productive. During periods of disorder and confusion, this sharing of thoughts and emotions can yield group hysteria. All Nephatsu are trained to keep their own emotions in check, while being mindful of others. The degree to which this training can be applied varies from individual to individual.

Being a very telepathic people, relations between Nephatsu are generally peaceful although at times they can be highly emotional. Nephatsu experience and uncharacteristic aggression towards those who don't communicate or whom they can't read telepathically. This aggression is typically of a non violent nature, but an intense assertiveness is usually evident.


Nephatsu are traditionally very respectful of their parents, and often a large part of parental emotional patterns are directly implanted on youngling minds. There is no teen-age rebellion stage of Nephatsu development, with this period being replaced by the youth coming to a deep understanding of the parents. Nephatsu also have a great respect for the elderly, especially sextarians (Older than 600 years) with their complex auras stemming from many years of experiences. In spite of their long life, Nephatsu normally only reproduce between the ages of 75 to 250, with a typical Nephatsu family consisting of 2 parents, and 5-12 offspring spread over a short number of years (about one every year and a half) to help build emotional connectivity among the siblings.

Many Nephatsu practice Auralogy, the study of sentient auras. In spite of many efforts to modernize the practice, it remains steeped in age old traditions, rendering it somewhat less reliable than modern efforts that achieve similar effects. An experienced auralogists often acts as a counselor, doctor, and guru for those that subscribe to his or her abilities.

A desire for being alone is often interpreted as a sign of intense guilt in Nephatsu culture, and is always viewed with suspicion. This view is held even for those whose career requires them to work alone.

Known Abilities

Nephatsu have a rare ability to feel and see the psionic aura of those around them. They also possess the ability to see a negative Psi, although they cannot feel it. Negetive Psionic Aura's appear as voids and often make it difficult for the Nephatsu to focus or concentrate on the Negative Psion.

Nephatsu are highly Telepathic with most of their abilities being telepsionic in nature.




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