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This is My Page :D Woot!

Evil! Dale made a Todo List. Now I hafto as well!!

To Do

Technology Database Entries (Entries are now added and many are updated. Need to re-proof, edit, move, delete)

Flesh out histories

Expletun Page

Darkarian Page, Known Darkarians need more fleshing out to corestpond with the retcon history.

USI related info

  • Ship Class Info
  • page linking
  • Main USI Ships (kindof done. RElies on the ship class info)

Glossary (We have alot of new and old terms to define and have detailed information about why they are important.)

Tech levels (See PDD list)

Weapon Template

not necessarily new or unique technologies, but there needs to be tech articles which help explain common implementation of technologies. A good example would be Life Support Systems, and why every single room doesn't have a humanoid size conduit and duct system interconnecting every part of the ship and why any single attacker can't just simply use it to gain access to unrestricted areas...

Character System needs a major rewrite.

Cookies! Ice Cream! Cake!