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Welcome to USI-RPG is a Science Fiction / Fantasy Universe. If you are new here, please begin by clicking the Start button to get a brief explanation. <imagemap>

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Universe Introduction
It has been ten years since the opening of the STNN at the GA Station, Deep Space Alpha. With its opening it brought the awakening of the Darkarian Hive, and the only faction willing to fight their relentless drive for galactic domination and enlightenment.

Now the Hive, unable to progress with USI standing in its way, has gathered its forces for the largest assault know to the Galaxy. Their assault has all but decimated USI's Forces along with its stations, despite their horde being stretched thin, they continue their advance with an irrepressible determination to finish what they started and control the galaxy.

Now with a depressing defeat in the Galactic Core with Tryst Station's destruction, Major Admiral Seccour has ordered that all ships avoid all USI stations, and has given them full autonomy outside of USI's regulation until Major Command can figure out what to do.

All that is left are the Survivors, those who have avoided the Hive, and refuse to give up; those who believe in what USI stands for. They await for the return of Major Command...

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Gratitude and deep heartfelt thankfulness need to be give to these Individuals.