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Everyone hates legal notices, but they are necessary to protect the involved parties of USI-RPG. This page will have a few parts to it: Standard Legal mumbo-jumbo, hopefully a simple run down of the copyrights, and a more in depth explanation of copyrights. The copyrights are a very sensitive subject for everyone involved.

In this case there are three parties involved : USI-RPG, Universe Authors (Kriss Orton), and the Contributers. Use of the website indicates that you agree to abide and accept this legal document. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE, DO NOT USE AND IMMEDIATELY LEAVE.


This Website (collectively pictures, animations, text, javascripts, HTML, but not limiting to these elements) and the stories contained herein are works of fiction. Characters, organizations, factions, names, places and incidents are either a product of the Author(s) imagination or, if real, used fictitiously without the intent to describe their actual conduct. Any resemblance to actual or previously created fictitious persons, organizations, factions, names, places, and incidents , living or dead, existing or destroyed, is purely coincidental. The USI Universe is Copyright © 1997-2015, Kriss Orton. All Rights Reserved. Use without permission is illegal and Prohibited by Law.

This Website content (collectively pictures, animations, text, JavaScript's, HTML, PHP, but not limiting to these elements) is copyright © 1997-2015, Kriss Orton, All Rights reserved. Any Duplication or reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited.

There are some elements contained in this website which are uploaded by the participants (the players of the game.) These are usually in the form of pictures but sometimes do take the form of other media (Audio, video, html, etc.) These elements are not copyrighted by USI-RPG. It is requested that user submitted material obtain prior permission for use before uploading. Often this is not the case. If content is used which a player submits needs to be removed, please Contact Kriss.

This website makes use of the Media Wiki software. Please see their site for their related copyrights and trademarks.

Site design is by Paul Gu with modification.

Game Content

Okay, that takes care of the normal stuff. Now onto the ugly...

USI-RPG is a game in which a Universe has been designed and created for the purpose of writing in. The original authors of the universe (Kriss Orton) have taken into consideration that people love to contribute to the universe, whether it be in the form of stories, or in the form adding elements to the universe itself like factions and species. Because of this, the situation of Copyright Status is very difficult at times to determine. So we have sought out information, and while there is no case which applies to Role Playing Games like USI, there are many cases which collectively fit.

Collective contribution to the USI Universe (whether it be in Story form or an element like a faction) is covered by what is called a " Work for Hire". This means that the contribution is not copyrighted by the contributor(s), in most cases that means players. Normal game play (submitting your post to the server to be relayed to the other players on a list) is covered by this.

(1) IF the contribution is a story, then its copyrighted by USI-RPG. USI-RPG claims the copyright so that in the future we may possibly publish the story which was written. Any profit gained from this goes back into the game (not the USI Universe Authors) to be used to extend the life of the game. USI-RPG is a PROFITLESS organization which gives the service and use of the USI Universe FOR FREE, meaning you do not pay a royalty fee to use the USI Universe, or play the game. The operation of USI-RPG is NOT free and does cost money. So this is used to cover those costs.

(2) If the contribution is a universe based design (Such as a technology) then its status is up to the USI Universe Authors (Meaning if they like it enough, then they may stake a claim and keep it in the universe, or they may not and the original author may do as they wish with it.) IF accepted the USI Universe Authors claim the copyright, not USI-RPG.

A personal contribution to the USI Universe (something like fanfiction where you are the sole author or originator of the idea) is not copyrighted by USI-RPG. Personal contributions to the game and the associated copyrights are upto the responsibility of the contributor. Contributors must agree that by submitting their ideas to USI-RPG and the USI Universe Authors, that they give them (USI-RPG) license to use these submitted ideas, and if necessary change the ideas to fit into the USI Universe. This does not grant the USI Universe Authors or USI-RPG copyright. Personal contributions are Characters, Species, Factions, Technology, but aren't limited to these ideas. The Contributor must understand that come time for publishing in any form, these elements may be removed completely at the discretion of USI-RPG or the USI Universe Authors. If a contributor doesn't want to be held by these terms, then they should not submit any information in the first place.

A document has been created to hopefully be as legally descriptive as possible. If you have a concern which does not appear to be covered by this legal page, you may download it Here. Any further questions may be directed to

Images and Graphics

Images are Graphics within this site of the creation of Kriss Orton are copyrighted © 1997-2015, Kriss Orton and, All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal and prohibited.

Images and Graphics within this site which are not of the creation of Kriss Orton are used with permission. At times players may upload content images or otherwise in the forums or their created character which may be previously copyrighted. USI-RPG is NOT responsible for these copyright infringements. If you see content which is previously copyrighted and needs to be removed please contact that player.

This website and its services may host web pages and or other services. Kriss Orton and does not take any credit or claim to these websites and cannot be held accountable for its content including previously copyrighted works of art, graphics, images, html, etc but not limiting to these elements, including content of illegal nature. The Primary author of those websites may be contact separately. Kriss Orton and will in the case of infringement try to work with the 3rd offending party in order to solve any situation.

Copyright Disclaimer

This website at one point did portray a possible future of a "Star Trek" based universe. Since, has evolved away from that possibility and has created its own unique universe. There is still a possibility that information previously copyrighted from Paramount or other larger organizations may still exist. It is not the intent of Kriss Orton or to infringe on this copyright. Please notify if you see anything which is previously copyrighted. Star Trek is rightfully owned by Paramount and Kriss Orton and takes no claim or credit therein. Please note that all information posted for copyrights, also applies for Trademarks as well. It is also possible that submitted content may be in copyright infringement of another author. These submitted infringements are NOT covered by the Non-Exclusive Agreement. USI-RPG wishes to make NO Claim of these previously copyright materials. IF any previously copyrighted material is found, please notify so that this content can be removed immediately. This notice will be removed once we are confident that this no longer applies.


Trademarks of USI-RPG. (TM)

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