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Travel isn't always restricted to vehicular type methods. Wormholes, rifts within space, and transpatial conduits are other common forms of moving without direct use of a ship or vehicle. These listed methods often use a vehicle, as their application is most effective long distances within the harsh environment of space. But they could be used in the confines of a planet or other permitting environment. Some of these are created by way of Technology, others are naturally occurring.

One of the more common methods of non vehicular travel are the use of Translocational Gateway.

Gating does have its uses, but is limited in size and distance. Often times, when a wormhole isn't around (stable at that) or the ability to create a transpatial conduit or other form of spacial tunneling, getting from one point of the universe to the next is somewhat time consuming, considering how vast the galaxy is. Scattered throughout the galaxy there is a device known as a Starship Transport Network Nexus or STNN. By combining the technology and theories of Wormholes, black holes, and spacial tunneling, these STNN's connect points of space together, allowing for faster travel without the hassle of wasted time. The only draw back, is the STNN's are at fixed points in space, and the race that created them have disappeared.