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Home System:
Home Planet:
  Akeria (Zh'Aker)
Age Range:
  700 (Chosen)
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Akerians resemble the terran Lynx. Three distinct subspecies were created by the expletuns, Northern, Desert, and Forest. They have a short tail,tufts of black hairs on the tips of their ears. Typical feline teeth with enlarged canines.

    1. Northern

Northern Akerians have large paws and thick coats of fur. Their paws include dexterous digits for tool manipulation, but are considerably shorter than their counterparts. With thick coats for protection, they are well armored in hand to hand combat. Average tails. Silver eyes.

    1. Desert

Short haired, average hands, heat dispersion, Shot tails. Sandy colored with spots down back, gold eyes. Male beard/whiskers are also shorter.

    1. Forest

Long fingers, long tail, long tailed. Brown on top, white on bottom. Strips and spots. Longer fingers for climbing. Green eyes. Also short haired.

    1. Male

Facial hair / beards /whiskers that start on the sides, and with age grow down to the chin. Larger than females (in bulk), but shorter, up to twice their size.

    1. Female

No whiskers, slender, but also longer in length.

Both genders tend to 'hunch' as they walk, and its common for them to pad around on all fours when they need to move more quickly. In combat, they will always be on fours unless utilizing a tool or weapon. Clawed gauntlets are favored weapons which allow them to go on all fours.


From the time of the great chosen war, the Akerians have developed extremely slow being mostly a cautious powerful religious empire. Lead by the Zh'An and the Council of the Dead, they have progressed with much caution not wishing to repeat the past. Mysterious and huge pyramids are still found throughout the home system on several worlds. Because of the threats of the Darkarians, ancient secrets were once again used and Akerians re-established their territory within the Zeta Trisector of the known galaxy.

When the Terrans began to explore space, leaving behind their diseased home world, the Akerians were still living solely under the Zh'An (or king) who they believed to be the incarnation of Zh'Re or the first ruler. Their culture was one of ancient practices rich in its customs. When the Darkarians fist invaded it was believed that Zh'Re had returned in another form. The ruling Zh'An was convinced this was a sign from the gods until destruction reigned across the lands. Many believed Zh'Re had sent Amemait the Devourer to punish them for there lack of obedience.

But soon with the arrival of the Beta Terrans and the attacks from the Darkarians the Akerians reached out to their ancient enemies the Nephatsu. Searching for allies they found the Metorians were also engaged in a common struggle. Ancient Scrolls spoke of twin races in the galaxy coming from the same mother. With the death of the Zh'Anguait in 2790, from the hands of the Darkarians, the Council of the Dead was established from within the ruling houses. Secrets were uncovered and progress was made at an alarming pace that caused internal conflict with many of the High Priests and the Council of the Dead.

Zh'Sekhmet, named after the Lioness Goddess, came into power organizing and defending the borders of the Akerians Territory. Making alliances with all surrounding empires of strong neutrality and demanding to be left alone. She was paranoid and fearful of the damage the Darkarians had caused and vowed to never allow it to return under her reign. The balance of power had shifted once more back to the Zh'An or as she was known Zh'Sekhmet. The Book of Bastet was found showing its prophecies being fulfilled fore-telling of the return of a chosen Zh'An, only he would be a ruler from without the lands during the reign of a powerful queen in the days of darkness. That he would join the lost brother and find the new sister. That in that time Zh'Aker would regain its lost estate and come to a renewed awareness.

Those who watched the signs knew when that prophecy had been fulfilled. When they found the lost of the most ancient temples deep in the heart of Aker Space. It was there the ancient Expletun showed the truth to the rulers of one of the most ancient of races. They had found the Zarahemla (translated as Hexan Warrior) and he had came at a time when the Akerians could have suffered defeat from their enemies. He, with the help of the USI, vanquished their foes and proved himself to be that prince from the Book of Bastet. Taz Harth a warrior from their home world had traveled to distant lands bringing back ancient knowledge to save them. He was named Zh'Tazharth Zarahemla and known as the Prince from without, as he dwelled in other reaches of space and time.

A proud secretive race emerged, placing strong borders to those without their vast territory. Secretive, mindful of the truth, and ever watchful of the happenings surrounding them. This powerful felinoid race holds firm to loyalty and dignity. Currently the only communication they hold are with the Unified Space Intelligence and the Metorians, whom they believe to be an ancient brother race.

Other Information

From the home world most Akerians have fur coats and features bearing a striking resemblance to those of a Terrain Lynx, and the temperaments are also similar. Akerians come in a variety of felinoid-like shapes and sizes depending on the home system or region. Akerians are all omnivorous but primarily carnivores.

Known Abilities