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The USI Character System is currently on VERSION 2 of its conception. It was designed to give players a valuable tool for helping them develop their character naturally and more smoothly in the USI Universe. It also gives them a good overview of what extra ordinary feats would be available and possible in our Science Fiction Fantasy Universe.

The system works off of many parts as the collective whole. The first part is the player and their posting. When a player posts, we keep track of it. At the end of a period ( Two weeks ) we count how many posts you have and rate it against the minimum post rate ( 3 per week). Two counts are actually done to help with accuracy. The first is a server post rate. This is a physical count of posts stored on the server during that period. The second is a manual count, where the captain checks to see for errors that the server makes, like NRPG posts. They then rate this as below, average, or above. This posting rating then in turns gives you points which you get to spend on abilities. Below average gets you a small amount of points, average gets you the normal, and above average gets you more points per period.

It is general instruction for the captain, that posts that are one or two liners do not count towards this total. In order for a post to be considered, it must be a good paragraph. NRPG's, as already stated, do not count as well. Posts should be written well ( in accordance with the players ability ) and advance the story. Posts that need to be resent or modified to fix consistancy issues or continuity issues shoudl also not be considered.

Posting is done by sending in your RPG email into the list wich are you are subscribed to ( IE [email protected] .) Posts in the forums are never considered. Posts for Community groups also do not count. IRC chats do not count as well. In Order for a player to recieve your points, the captain must perform his IIR for the period. IIR's allow the Admirals to monitor the lists effectively for problems and events which require their assistance, such as a captain going on leave for an extended period of time. Failure to fill out teh IIR will effectively cause themsleves and everyone else to forfeit their points. These are NOT refundable. It is cruicial that captains perform their duties and fill out the IIR. Players, if you notice you haven't recieved your points for a period, pester your captain about it.

After you get your points, you can then put them towards abilities. USI previously implemented attributes as well, however in Version 2 we found that attributes didn't accurately describe characters in any form nor help with the role play process in our current format.

Higher level characters earn more points per IIR than lower level characters. However abilites inreasingly get harder to develope ( See below )

Login into halo ( ) and then enter in your details you recieved when you signed up for USI. If you experience troubles, you can enter in your email and have it emailed to you ( You'd be suprirsed how many people miss this fact!!!! ) This email may be changed for security reason when its emailed back to you ( Meaning the emailed password is changed from your original one. ) Click on your character on the left hand side to see its details. Here you can change details about your character, as well as add abilities and add points into abilities.

At the beginning of your characters development, you are restricted to only a few abilities. This is to help the development of those abilities at your start, as well as prevent players from artificially inflating their characters abilitiey and skill list. Adding an ability is as simple as clicking the add ability button and selecting which ability you would like.

Abilities are available according to species ( Certain abilities are available to species specifically ) whether or not they are psionic, and department. Not all abilities MAY be available, however most are.

Abiliites have a difficulty level. Abilities out side of your department are more difficult to develope than abilities within your department. This rating is viewable by the dots next to the ability (blue is easy, yellow is average, and red is hard). THis means that it requires MORE points into that ability in order to advance the ability.

Non-psionic species can still develope psionic skills, they are considered supernatural at this point, and more difficult than it wouldbe if the species was psionic.

Psinoic abilities are divided into different groups, Telepsionics, Clairsentience, Astralpsionics, Psychoelemental, psychokinetic, metepsionic, and aureal. For a psion, certain groups may be easier than others.

Department abilities are also divided, and aslo exhibit a difficulty rating accordingly.

Higher ability levels are more difficult to achieve, because of this, higher ranked character may earn more points, however its slight in comparison because at that time, more abilities may be learned at a single time.

Abilities only have 15 levels. If you have achieved a lvl 15 in an ability, it is considered to be mastered, or Ultimus lvl if you are a Psion.

Except for special abilities, normal abilities ( Deparmental pecifically ) are all medium in difficulty. At least one department section abilities will be hard for development of another department. Graphics representing these will be available soon.

At any time, an ability may be put on hold, halting its advancement. Because this ability is no longer being actively DEVLEOPED, its still an ability that can be used in posting effectively -- however its skill is halved!!!!!. The system warns you of this fact. You may resume this ability by selecting it from the add ability list ( click on add ability and reselct it from the list.)

NOTE: There are a few duplicate abilities which still need to be removed. Please take careful note if you happened to select one of these duplicate abilities so you end up choosing the correct one if you have put it on hold so you don't end up with TWO abilites that are the same.

Psions are no longer ranked with the PR level ( although its still shown, it can be effectively ignored. )

Instead, you are given a rating ( not listed anywhere hwoever ) on that skills ability. Its more like a title and to be used rather for role play purposes than anything else.

Psionic skills 1-5 are Initial, 6-10 are Medial, 11-14 are Callidus, and 15 is Ultimus. This is just more for a fun thing for psoting.

Specific psionic skills within a ability such as duration, stamina, range etc are being reviewed and entered into the system. Most have bare minimal information for at least giving you a good idea.

We will udpate this document as necessary. Questions are welcome. The Administration is currently reviewing certain parts of the system ( not the document ) for revision and update for inreased game play and interactivity.

Other Notes : Abilities currently are not displayed in the Biography Viewer. We are aware of this, however the abilities are still usable by the character.

Psi / Msonic

PSI ( Psionic Power ) and MS ( Matrix Sensory ) are great things to enhance your charactesr abilities and talents. The current character system automatically generates your PSI level based off of the amount of points you put into psionic / Msionic based abilities. If you are a character that has PSI, then its impossible to have MS. Its either one or the other.

Interaction of MS an PSI are as follows. PSI May detect presence of MS, but regardless of level may not read minds, or manipulate ( Mind control ) or emote to an MS. Being the nature of MS, they simply do not detect or acknowlage PSI beings. Definition of Psionics and MS are decribed in the Universe pages under " The Game" Technology, SHS