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Home System:
Home Planet:
  Metoras, Metras
Age Range:
  ~700 Years.
Psionic Type:
  Negetive Psi
Faction Member :
  Metorian Alliance

Notable Features

Humanoid. Wings, which are diverse depending on their ancestry origin (races). Some are Large, black and feathery, others are small, brown and leathery. Feat resemble talons, three to four claws, rough skin. Some Metorians have claw like hands, but the general population are normal humanoid hands; 4 fingers 1 thumb per hand.


Shortly after the Chosen rebellion by the Expletuns, the Metorians were banished, like the other Chosen Races, to their destination planet(s) created by the Expletuns. At this point, because of some physiological and psychological design elements, they receeded in technology to that of approximately of a pre-industrial age, however with complex social classes. Production was artisan based and mass production was not preferred. Despite having no progression towards a industrial and consequently a Capitalist society , the culture and society could still be considered quite mature and even evolved compared to the natural progression of other societies. This is part in due to a manufactured genetic makeup, written by the Expletuns.

For centuries, the Metorians lived this way until after the Darkarians became able to to start to tamper with other societies. Expletun articles suggest that the Darkarian hive actually targeted the Chosen races first for enlightenment. They were at this time however unable to, given that the Chosen had already defeated the Expletuns centuries ago.

Later, the Darkarians attempted a second approach and used a growing Cyborg faction, after enlightenment and began to taint their society using Augments, and then using the augments to control individuals. While the historical accounts of once roaming the stars with the Expletuns were accurate in Metorian Myth and Lore, the truthfulness of such were kept as part of a simple yet stable religion and not necessarily considered to factual information. The introduction of Cyborg Augments not only shot the Metorian Society into a futuristic society, but it shook the foundation of their moral and integrity codes by which they had lived by for thousands and Thousands of years. During this time of the experimental Darkarian Invasion, the Hormidians had observed the Darkarian Hive's meddling and immediately put a stop to their local activities on the Metorians, destroying those who were involved. With the Damage done, the Metorians now struggled to maintain a balance between this newly forced life and the one they had lived with for centuries. It was at this time that the Galactic Alliance had actually Discovered them, giving them hope that they could not only survive but also prosper with their new found knowledge of Technology and Space Travel.

For the next several hundred Years, Metorians would commonly practice Cybernetic Augmentation, until it was later discouraged once they learned of its Darkarian backstory, and later became taboo and strongly discouraged. Those who were already augmented were given social status benefits if they shunned the use of their augments, or tried to remove what they could without endangering their own lives.

Space travel and Expansion became a booming interest and the Empire (The Alliance had not yet been formed) quickly built up fleets and started heavily funded research and development in space travel related Technologies. They occupied a significant region of space before stopping expansion once spatial wars with the Bekkir began to happen. Historically the Metorians had battled with the Bekkir for long before they were tainted by the Darkarians. These battles were also another experiment by the Darkarians by using other species as a manipulation for destruction, which ultimately failed against the Metorians.

Even though they were new to Space Travel and Technology development, the GA had immediately recruited the Metorians because of their connection with the mysterious technology from the Expletuns Preservers. The Stealth Project ship was a huge interest in the Metorians as a people, because they hoped to confirm their historical Religous accounts which they had believed in all these years without positive reinforcement of the ideas.

When the STNN near GA's Deep Space Alpha, they stopped their pursuit in fears that they would be proven wrong, with a religious backlash causing more harm than good.

By the Time the STNN had reopened and relations with the GA were re-established, the events of the Stealth Project Ship and the creation of USI gave them a curiosity that renewed their interest in their past. Despite being thrown into the new era of technology and space travel, the Metorians still strive to maintain their rich cultural heritage with Artisan schooling and focuses on traditional qualities while also embracing technique and practices of their new modern world.

Other Information

Metorians are a genetic creation of the Expletuns. One of three primary creations designed to teach the universe about perfection and utopia ideology of the Expletuns. . The Metorians were the embodiment of loyalty and determination. This caused the Metorians to become the slowest in their regrowth and reseeding by the Expletuns after the Chosen wars. While aggressive in their efforts, they tend to be tunnel visioned and often will set aside the big picture until the issue at hand is resolved. With political situations, this often resulted in centuries of stagnant development with progression often being halted. Technology Progression seamed to often take a ‘back seat’. Because of their biological make up, Metorians are loyal and seek dignity and reputation through this. They believe that loyalty is a front runner of almost all things good. Through loyalty even one who acts in contrary to another may be considered honorable, dignified and even Heroic. Loyalty to ones self is considered a primary trait and that the loyalties of others must not be placed before loyalty of ones self. It is one of the hardest concepts of Metorian Loyalty Practices, especially since there is an intricate and complicated caste system. Loyalty is also used in consequence judgement for those who offend the law. Metorians may live several hundred years, but the genetic code of the Metorians only allow for one Male to be born per mating couple. This led to a severe reduction in the population. The culture and society demanded more, so polygamy was introduced. Much debate occurred about the loyalty of mate, so to keep the population growing and maintains the Law of the Loyal; The Council of Loyals must approve all new mates which Males choose to gain, as to not allow them to break loyalties to their current mates, and their families.

A very intricate caste system was developed on Metoras after the chosen wars. Mostly it was developed to give the Metorians a purpose and to help create a sense of loyalty in their lives. Two paths were first created; one which revolves around Religion, the other revolves around politics. Although both paths are considered equal, the system of politics is more widely diverse in occupation, as the path of Religion is said to be more satisfying. Consequently, because of the diversity, the political path is most often chosen. To switch between paths, is usually taboo, as it shows that the one who switches has a hard time committing loyalties to one path or another. Because not everyone could fit in one or the other, a third path, called Rogue, was created. Rogue Loyals do not fit the Political or Religious mold, and are judged purely on self loyalty. This often makes them easy targets if they are not exacting to self loyal protocols.

The Council of Loyals is made up of three representatives of the loyalty paths, the Sentinels (Religious), the Sagiac's (Political), and the Archlocke's (rogue.) From the each path, a leader is chosen over the Metorians, alternating each 10 years (unless overthrown via vote from the council.) The council members are specifically the Metorian leaders/lawmakers. Because Metorians are genetic creations, they have a tendency to think and work well collectively (all three chosen races do this amongst each other but exhibit a higher degree of difficulty when dealing amongst the other chosen when compared to just other species and races.)

Women are dominant in Metorian politics and often chosen for leadership position due to their population dominance and skills with diplomacy. In Military, Men are found to be leaders for their strategy and tactics. Both are considered equal in all respects.

Ruthern the Sentinel of Goreth is the current leader of the Metorians, she is older and well experienced. Like most leaders, she comes from a high loyal family (since Metorains have class based society, she comes from a higher class family.) The Goreth family line has all seats in the Sentinels mostly due to a very large family tree. It is common to have dominant families in Metorian Politics.

The Metorian leader is a Makaith and has two councilor positions who are appointed without contest by the Makaith.

The three representatives on each of the loyals are equal positions, but have an unequal amount to ensure that a vote or choice is made easily.

Sentinal Councils: Tern of Goreth, Jo'hr of Goreth, Sagith of Goreth.

Sagiac Councils: Komeok Mekas, Tomak of Astam, Jalom of Jortem

Archlocke Councils: Ashton of Belom, Yortha of Idio, Keo of Tira

Each of the above councils also represent regional sections of the planet of Metoras. Keo of Tira represent flocks on Metras the Metorian sister planet. Metras is a shallow ocean planet with the habitable areas limited to a few land peaks that have huge underground caverns. Few live on Metras, and most are Rogue since they do not mesh well with the class and Caste system of Metoras. Outside of the Planets, the Class and Caste system are officially negated and requested to have null meanings. While it’s not politically enforced, many still hold to the traditions. Both Planets feature enormous trees on which the Metorians have long made their home.

More info to help:

Metorians get along with each other very well. Flocks are tightly nit family units which are pretty hard even for an 'evil' Metorian to just break or disagree. Part of this reason is because they are not a natural creation; they are creations of the Expletuns. I think many will tend to forget this...

Metorians are very loyalty bound, so depending on where their loyalties lie will dictate a lot of their actions. With the exception of Archlocke's Metorians are pretty much always stick together (like a flock) So a rogue (one against the Metorians) faction of Metorians is not only unlikely its has a harder time of fitting in with the scope of the Metorians. This also means that they can appear to be sometimes dense or stupid, but this is only because it’s misunderstood. This also means that Metorians likely won't treat another Metorian unfairly or unjustly. They are very considerate amongst themselves. In the end its important that while there are some levels of evolution, they are still a genetically created species designed to do what the Expeltuns wanted them to do.

Known Abilities

Flight, Mind Shadow, Psionic Protection