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Code of Conduct

A defined Code of Conduct has hereby been established and Enforced in order to maintain a decent playing atmosphere.

The most basic of the code is language used in the game, Chat Rooms, Forums, and other means available in which the player or User submits his information to be viewed publicly.

All language is to be kept clean, free from vulgar words. Vulgar words imply all forms of swearing (cussing, cursing, etc...) disrepectful use of diety and graphic descriptions (sexual, violent, racist, etc..) Replacing letters ( like writing foobar, but instead writing foober ) or just typing in the first letter followed by stars (EX: Y*** or Y**L (Y and L are random letters for the purpose of this example)) subis considered to be breach of the code and is prohibited. Use of all *'s ( EX: **** ) is more acceptable, however discouraged. Vulgarness is considered to be unintelligent and is taboo in USI-RPG.

Subject matter will also be required to be kept clean. Material made public considered to be in violation includes to defame, harass, threaten,or violate the legal rights of other parties, obscene, indecent, unlawful or anything which is hateful or violent towards any one person or group because of their belonging to a race, religion or nation, or that is discriminatory.

USI-RPG reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who violates these Terms, and will not be liable for any damage, emotional or physical. The Chat room is monitored ( All text is recorded ) to help ensure the quality of the enviornment. Submitted Content

All information posted by any party other than USI-RPG administration ( That means you! ) to the USI-RPG server is allowed to be made public via Forums, List Services, or to Legal Authorities upon request. USI respects your privacy and will not give out any information ( Including Email address ) to any 3rd part unless required to by law. For more information on your privacy see our Privacy Statement.

All information posted on the USI-RPG server will be allowed to remain on the server on conditions:

a) it does not openly defy the law of the United States in which this server resides in. (This includes posting previously copyrighted material without permission!)

b) no offending remarks are posted through the server that isn't in RPG format

c) Posts are to abide by the rules

d) Discussion lists abide by RPG rules

e) USI-RPG will not be used for any outside marketing purposes that do not benefit USI-RPG and its cause**

f) all information posted is to be regarded as purely coincidental

g) all information is to be in accordance of the standards of the USI-RPG game.

    • Things which are of the benefit of USI are allowed to be posted and are accepted if they conform the to standards of the game. Email programs will sometimes add in a link and a single line promoting their service. This is acceptable as its not the user/player of the game who is advertising, rather the email service.