USI-RPG:Privacy policy

Jump to navigation Jump to search respects the privacy of individuals who visit or particapate with this website and its offered services. We do at times collection limited personal information in order to make the experience on the website more enjoyable. At times, will collection information such as your Name, email address, Generalized Location, age, date of birth, and Instant Messenger contact methods. will not distribute or sell any of this information to any third party, Government, or Organization.

Personal Information is only collected to avoid potential conflict which reside within the game. Information such as your credit card number, social security number, and other such sensitive material will never be requested by a member of the USI-RPG staff for any reason. All shop@usi transactions will be negotiated through email or other preferred method of the player. Please keep in mind that if you disclose any personal information to any public service of USI, anyone may have the ability of using this information to their own needs. If you feel concerned about disclosing this information to the public services of USI, please do not enable or fill in these information fields.

Cookies will be used occasionally throughout the site. These cookies will be used for login identification purposes of the many services that the website have to offer. These include Account Systems, Email Services, and Forums. Quality of Service techniques may also be used in the forms of cookies.

Security will be used to prevent all tampering of the system which website uses. If you give out your own password, then be aware that you have allowed your account to possible be accessed. cannot be held responsible for misuse and abuse of the system. We do our part to protect your privacy, you need to do your part.

Quality of Service techniques are often used on the site to ensure that its users always have an enjoyable time on the site. At times, we may collect Browser types, IP Address, screen resolutions, age, location etc. This information is ONLY used to increase the quality of the site and its services.

Keep in mind that does not disclose ANY Personal information . If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, email for further assistance.

Under normal circumstances, no one under the age of 13 will be allowed to participate. With parental concent, this restriction may be lifted. This in accordance with US Law.