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The Beginning

After the creation of the universe, worlds began to form, and life was introduced into the harsh and unstable environment we call space: the virtual nothingness of everything. Development of life was typically slow, taking its time and evolving to survive the species. In our galaxy, there was a planet that formed early, near the core. Here, life also developed early, and before the universe knew what had happened, sentient life was roaming the planet. They were deeply religious, and although knew themselves to be humanoid, felt that the gods had named them the Expletuns, or Perfect. For thousands of years, the Expletuns grew, and prospered. Their lifespan was long, their biology was healthy, and their minds were powerful. They grew in technology as well as cultured arts. With strong psionic powers, their emotions, thoughts, were as one. Theirs was the utopia of heaven, truly perfect. They took to the stars and began to learn about other cultures, other planets and civilizations. That was then the bitter truth of humanity unfolded from their naive grasp of life. They learned about death, hate, and suffering, the bitter, cold entrapping of space now enraged the Expletuns. Their life and existence began to unfold before them, as now they were being warred upon by those whom they deemed imperfect. The Expletuns then chose to teach those imperfect beings about what it meant to have a utopia and about a path to perfection. They knew that all cultures had some reference to a group, a person, or even an idea who sought out pure happiness, peace, the end to conflict, pain, and suffering. The Expletuns knew why they searched for these things. It was because of the imperfection; they lacked all the qualities that the Expletuns themselves had. In their prideful rage of perfection, the Expletuns tainted themselves forever with their new imperfection: three races that exhibited the qualities that sentient life lacked as a whole. With the three combined, they planned to teach sentient life that which they sought. They would siege those childlike worlds and cause their society to walk to a path of enlightenment and perfection. The Expletuns failed to see the truth behind their newfound knowledge of life and existence outside their own bubble of ignorance. They failed to see that it wasn’t the races who were lacking qualities to initiate a life of peace and happiness. They were the imperfect ones.

The imperfection was ignorance, pride and bloated self worth. It was too late however. The three created races grew tremendously in power, more than the Expletuns expected and out of their control. Acting out against their gods’ oppression, they destroyed the Expletuns and scattered the First throughout the galaxy, even to farthest reaches of the universe. They next turned on the space faring races which their lords had commanded them to teach and instruct. Destruction only left in their wake. As hate consumed the chosen, they warred among themselves until only the home worlds of each remained, their societies destroyed, until near extinction.

Nine Thousand Years

The next 9 thousand years were a critical point for humanity. With the destruction of the first space age, times of space travel were forgotten completely. Now life began anew once more, and unhindered. The three chosen however, took the longest to rebuild. In the times of the First Age of Space, only a handful of sentient life existed in the battle of the stars. But with the passing of time, it brought to pass sentient life which gave sudden variety to the stars. Among these, the chosen were the slowest to regain technology, and social advancement. Being cursed with death, disease and slavery, they would remain a scourge until their creators called upon them for sacred service.

The Preservers and the Darkarian

The Expletuns, now wizened as a fool, realized their errors and forever vowed to uphold life in all its form, forgetting their zeal of bringing everyone to a path of Utopia and Perfection. All except for one. The one who did not accept this path, swayed many to follow him. Feeling strongly that their original methods were best, argued that their mistake was creating the chosen as free beings, able to do their will and not be bound to the First by perfect obedience. This one, Torikor, angrily rebelled taking many with him. Calling himself the Darkarian, Son of the Dark, he vowed that all would join his Utopia or die. Realizing that they would only do harm to the inhabitants of the universe, they began calling themselves the Preservers; to help all they could through a path of choice and service, protection to those weaker from the Darkarians.

New life and Civilizations

Sol, Terrans

-Note: More History for the Terrans is Needed- Among the newer sentient life to emerge, were the Terrans from the star system, Sol. Although not among the original handful, they grew stronger than anyone imagined. Once brought into an age of Technology, their minds ate what was fed, and burst into space with rapid growth. But Terra was far from peaceful. With large interplanetary struggles, Terra erupted into massive war. The war decimated the planet of 14 billion, leaving only less than a half a million. Terra was destroyed; its life giving soil was stained by blood and war, and now poisonous. They had to leave. The inhabitants of earth left Terra in Seed ships, to find new life, hope, and posterity. At least three ships were created, each representing the governments and groups of people of what was left of Terra. The people of Terra left their beloved planet, dividing the human race more than ever. Those who couldn't get onto a seed ship, were left to die.

Mesa Prime

One of the Terran Seed Ships, a ship known as the Magoth, had stumbled onto a set a planets orbiting a sun similar to Sol. The system had two life sustaining planets, one of them inhabited, the there still without sentient life. The Magoth landed on Mesa Prime (It being the larger of the two habitable planets) and began to settle into a new life. At the time, it was unknown to the Terran's that Mesa Prime's sister planet (orbital planets) was in habited. In fact, it was only a few hundred years behind Terra. The meeting of the two races was inevitable. Not wanting a war, or to leave and rebuild their new home, Terrans immediately made peace with the Mesans. With the goal of unity and peace in mind, the two races formed an alliance. With technology again at the fingertips of the humans, and the Mesans craftsmanship, they began to develop the area of space. Finally Terrans had found Unity.

In time, these Terrans established their government, calling it the Terran Authority. It was a capitalist Democracy, with growth once again on their minds, fueled with ideas of expansion and material gain.

In an attempt to consider the needs of their peaceful hosts, the Mesans, the two formed a joint Corporation to manage their wealth and expansive efforts. This was done to keep their relationship less politically charged, and more controlled by those in power. The Galactic Alliance was formed, and given specifically a government sounding name as to blur the lines between business and political agendas.

Cheritan / Geridian

Another seed ship carried Terrans to the other side of the known galaxy. How they arrived there is unknown, however speculated that the Expletuns had some involvement their arrival safely nearly 70,000 lights years away. Arriving in the system Che'er they located a uninhabited habitable planet which they named Cheriton.

Cheriton is a dry planet with a single, relatively smaller body of water. This was the first promising location they had found on their journey, and readily accepted it as home. The system they settled was rich in resources and they rebuilt their life with hard work, sweat and tears.

As these Terrans began to rebuild, they decided to shun their past democratic government, and setup a new one, Military Dictatorship. At first they were known as the Union of the Terran Republic. As they began to take to the stars again, they later renamed themselves to the Star Command Militia. This was an attempt to shed their Terran past, and imbue strength in their populous through pride and an aggressive forward thinking mentality.

Meeting the native and local races were only a matter of time. The number of other races of the area caused the newly formed SCM to realize that their small numbers would struggle if they tried to govern the area through conquest. With many including several Cyborg Factions able to challenge their charge, they left Cheriton in search of home which would provide them the opportunity they desired.

They eventually found a relatively low political area of space, and settled on a planet they named Geridian.

Joint Galaxies

A third seed ship from Terra traveled the longest than any of the other seed ships. It even belonged to an unknown Terran faction, so little was even known about them. After traveling through the direct center of the galaxy, crossing through the treacherous outlands of the core, they stumbled upon technological device which spanned several thousand lightyears in its circular diameter. Caught in a sudden gravitational field, the ship was sucked into the center of this device. The device seemingly opened up a portal to another site, and sent the ship though.

The other side, was a another galaxy, approximately one third the size of the Milky Way, joined together by two interconnected black holes. The Gateway devices were placed on the Event horizon of each black hole, and serves as a connection point for the two galaxies. The third seed ship ended up staying in the other galaxy, hoping for a better life.

It is also speculated that the Expletuns had Guided the seed ship towards their ultimate destination.

The 25th Century

The 25th Century held the galaxy in a state discovery of excitement. With the new powers of the Galactic Alliance on one side of the galaxy, and the SCM on another, new explorations were conducted now that the galaxy could be explored instead of wandered in search of a home. However the galaxy is a large expanse of space with much in-between. It would be nearly another 400 years before the SCM and GA would meet up, when nearly 45% of the galaxy would then be charted and explored by a major power.

Project Stealth

In the late 25th Century, 2493, more Preserver relics and technology began to be discovered. New pieces of information began to be sown together to rewrite the known history of the universe. The Galactic Alliance had just barely made Contact with the Metorians, and made a connection between the Metorians and the Expletuns. The two Factions formed a loose treaty with the purpose of Developing and pursuing the gathering of information regarding the Expletuns and their Technology. At this time, several Ship Transport Network Nexus' were being discovered, and lightly used by the GA. Although Preserver Technology which appeared to be abandoned, it was concluded that they created the STNN's for the purpose of Sentient life to use.

One combined effort was called 'Project Stealth'. The GA had discovered a derelict ship that was all but destroyed. The Metorians and the GA agreed to rebuild this ship under the project name. Although the GA was in the Omega TriSector, and the Metorians in the Zeta, the two would use the newly found STNN's to transfer the ship between the two governments. The Station named Galaxia would be the GA"s center for Preserver information Collecting, it rested on the edge of the core's border, and the Omega Tri-Sector.

Two Officers, Marccus Vagen, Captain; Kerok Seccour, Security, were assigned as special agents in field testing for all Preserver based experiments. Each man was representatives of their respective governments. The 'Project Stealth' ship had just been rebuilt by the Metorians and was being sent back to the GA for some primary testing near Galaxia of its technology. A problem occurred, however during the transport of the ship through the STNN, and the ship was lost. It never exited the STNN. Both the Metorians and the GA renounced the existence, and the GA shut down Galaxia shortly there after. A bitter taste of experimental technology was now in the GA. The logs and knowledge however spoke otherwise against the official standpoint of ignorance on the project.

300 Years Later

In 2818, 300 years since the lost 'Project Stealth', the GA was now nothing more than a bureaucracy. Forms and regulations now ruled the once great and noble alliance. Resources were depleting rapidly for the Alliance, and its allies were dropping off.

A group of cadets were assigned to the StarBase "Deep Space Alpha". It was the station responsible for receiving the 'Project Stealth' before sending it to Galaxia, and the STNN Guard Post. They all hated what the Galactic Alliance had become, but there was nothing they could do about it. Filling out forms and other bureaucratic nonsense had become out of control; it was impossible to do anything anymore without filling out forms first. During a routine training mission with an old ship, the Cadets revolted on their captain, Groft Ilnali.

Suddenly, DSA send a half garbled communiqué about the station being under attack. With the Counselor in charge, the ship rushed back to find the entire area in shambles, and the STNN active, a gaping portal to what didn't seam like to another STNN, but a different existence almost.

All starships in the immediate area were out of commission, and the station was on emergency power. They contacted the station, and after finally getting through DS Alpha's scrambled communications system, were ordered to investigate. The crew did so, and found that something had triggered an ancient experimental STNN to reopen involuntarily, and that the opening had been violent, violent enough to disable all ships in the area. The Cadets however were inexperienced and released Captain Groft to take care of the situation. Seeing no immediate threat, the Station ordered that the ship tow all disabled ships back for repair.

Quarrel of Command

Their ship came across another ship of an unknown configuration, sleek, without protruding features, even the Soliton Drive was built efficiently into the hull of the ship. Instead of the typical V or W Configuration (See Soliton drive in Technology Database for Info) the ships Soliton drive was a U. Puzzled, they prepared to tow the ship, when suddenly it fired upon them. Using 3 hundred year old weapons, the Cadets ship wasn't in any threat whatsoever. But it still persisted to not allow itself to be towed. Hailing the unknown ship the crew came face to face with a 300 year old myth, suddenly become reality for them.

After a small but heated discussion with Kerok Seccour, the communications line was suddenly blocked by the Station. Marccuss Vagen, the captain had been knocked unconscious. With the cadet crew puzzled, the sleek ship burst to life and docked with the station. The Cadet crew immediately finished up their task of helping the other ships, and returned to the station to discover what had happened. When arriving, they found that Captain Marccus Vagen had been Transported to sickbay because of injuries and some of the Station command were in a meeting (a very heated meeting) with Kerok Seccour. They learned that the station personnel even tried to take the ship by force from him, but failed with minor injuries to the station personnel. Kerok was unharmed. They finally decided to hear out Kerok and his story.

Upon hearing that they were 300 years into the future, their past was nothing but history now, Marccus and Kerok began to piece together what had happened. Apparently for some unknown reason, the STNN had actually kept the ship in a stasis for the time, trapped for 300 years.

A New Evil

Now fully healed, Marccus Vagen took command of the 'Project Stealth' ship again. Taking the ship back to Metoras for political asylum, along with cadets as GA representatives, he knew that the GA would only take advantage of the 'Project Stealth' ship because of their situation. Although both factions did want rights to the ship, according to interstellar law, because they both renounced the situation and knowledge, they gave up the right to it. Marccus Vagen took property rights to the ship, since he and Kerok Seccour were the only two on the ship, when it arrived in this time.

During their stay at Metoras, they were sent by the Government (requirement for asylum) to investigate some unusual activity concerning some disappearances of people, and increased technological type activity from within one of Metoras' mountains. Upon the investigation, he and his new crew found a startling discovery: The Darkarian Hive, an ultra powerful race of Psionic beings with the intent on ruling this universe and the rest of the multiverse. Initial contact with them proved to be less than comforting as they had an enlightenment process of controlling the minds of their victims by way of microscopic Biological probes. Even Kerok Seccour's wife and brother had been enlightened. However, because how few there were, the Darkarians fled Metoras in favor of trying to build larger. Unfortunately, Marccus Vagen and his crew were not aware of the great power that the Darkarians had. The Darkarians fled Metoras before any detailed information could be gathered; with the exception that their leaders name was Talorn.


Although the ' Project Stealth' ship was claimed legally by Marccus Vagen, both factions still took up talks with him about the future of the ship, and her new found crew because the 'Stealth Project' ship had been rebuilt by the Metorians three hundred years ago out of some alien technology found by the Galactic Alliance. This technology, which was still mostly unknown, was now owned by Vagen for the same reason the ship was. Most of it was locked up on the lower decks, and Vagen decided to leave it there for a while to be safe.

Because both the Metorians and the Galactic Alliance wanted the technology, Vagen had to make a choice. If no one organization claimed ownership of the ship within 1 months time, it would be considered a Mercenary ship, which meant whoever captured it during a tactical / military engagement, that faction would gain the ship as salvage.

After talking extensively with Kerok, Vagen and Seccour created the Unified Space Intelligence, a new faction in the universe. Its goal would be to help rebuild the GA's struggling position, develop technology for the Metorians, and provide as a front against the Darkarians. Seccour had already sworn vengeance to reclaim his wife and brothers loyalty to his family. The officers would be provided by the Galactic Alliance, and the Metorians would provide weaponry for the USI ships, along with ship designers, builders, and resources to start up.

Factions Emerge

As USI began to prosper and add additional ships, allies and enemies were gained. Ilnali had never been a fan of Vagen, and on some instances had openly defied him. Unofficial sources say he was even responsible for assassination attempts on several USI officers. It came as no surprise when the hot-headed Commander defected from the Galactic Alliance and joined a group from the Delta Tri-Sector called Star Command Militia. Nothing was heard from Groft for some time; apparently he'd blended into the dictatorship of SCM without any trouble. Vagen soon had the "pleasure" of finding the defector in command of a large SCM military force, certain that he would continue to rise through the ranks. Ilnali had not merely blended in; his radical tendencies made him a perfect leader within SCM's strict dictatorship. USI's relationship with the Galactic Alliance had, up until this point, been vague. The Commanding officers of the GA had initially favored the alliance because GA profited completely from the relationship, and because it was willing to do the dirty work that the GA had been afraid of doing. However, USI wasn't large enough to protect all of the GA resources, as well as maintain its own protection.

Suddenly, the relationship between USI and GA was becoming frowned upon because the GA now viewed it as they being the losing party, with USI having total benefit. A third party, suspected to be the Darkarians, intervened and promise peace and prosperity to the GA, but only if they openly declared war against the USI. After months of debate, and rigged terrorist attacks on the GA which the USI could not protect, the GA agreed to the offer, despite the opposition of many of the original treaty members.

The Strength of One

Although the GA had openly declared war against USI, it still grew quickly despite they had to relocate into Metorian space. The Metorians, still eager to gain technology, still requested that the USI gain their own space, as a sign of their own independence. After many months, Preserver relics were found by USI, and immediately claimed. One such was the gigantic space station Tryst, located in the heart of the galaxy. USI took up resident space in the core of the galaxy. Because of the large preserver background and technological basis that the USI now had, they claimed all preserver based technology, and structures are property of the USI. Important outposts such as Darklin Reach, and Atlantis were discovered and rebuilt by USI. The Space station Galaxia was also claimed by USI, because of its dealings with Preserver Technology.

Expletun Influence

Since the first battles against the Expletuns, and near destruction of their children races, the universe was destined for power struggles. Races were bound to be destroyed, and cultures forgotten. Realizing their own mistake of their previous actions against this galaxy, the Expletuns decided to do right for the universe instead of do right the universe. With all the diversity in the universe, the Expletuns couldn't just let them die out due to the nature of the sentient life. They dedicated themselves then to the preservation of sentient life, and their cultures. Leaving behind their technology the only proof they existed, and the scattered races of almost extinct sentient life their work. With the slow rise of the Darkarians, their position became even more important as the Preservers. Originally it was thought that Darkarians were from another galaxy, or even universe. As the struggle against them has continued, it has been revealed by the Expletuns their true relationship, and their brutal and bloody history.

The New Era

Shortly into Marccus Vagen’s leadership of USI the Darkarians had managed to deal a crippling blow, by slaying him. With Vagen dead, all the eyes looked towards Seccour who had only recently gained enough experience as a low ranking Admiral. The sudden promotion to Fleet Admiral left him confused. Attempting to dive into the position as diligently as he could, his personal life suffered greatly. However, USI began to prosper finally. As old feelings for how Vagen handled the Expeletun guided creation of USI dwindled, key Expletun outposts were discovered and its internal Economic struggles began to cease. Being now instructed by the Expletuns, USI successfully thwarted hundreds of Darkarian invasions. Although unable to prevent an infiltration into the GA, the Galaxy settled into a standstill of Darkarian progress. The Darkarians began to focus almost exclusively on the USI, freeing most civilizations from the fear of their own planet being invaded.

Psionic By-Product

After years of Psionic discoveries, the USI came into contact with a previously reclusive race known as the Orrin. A short mission involving the USI Eglanand led to further missions with the discovery of oddly tortured bodies having small incisions on their heads and their bodies drained of blood.It seemed they had a vampiric race on their hands which might have even been the Darkarian-created Faulyn. They later found the Orrin were actually extracting a thick silvery substance directly from the pituitary gland and blood. This silvery substance was found to be a direct by-product which all psions excrete. The Orrin were forcing psions to use their abilities to produce the substance, which was then harvested painfully from their bodies. In turn, this Psionic-By-Product, or PBP, was used as a drug.

End of the New Era

Enraged at the deadlock that the USI had imposed on the Darkarian Progression, Torikor began to collect his fleets. Areas which they had massive presences were reduced to outposts. Without warning, the Hive attacked the USI in full force. Even with USI aided by powerful Expletun Technology, they were ill prepared for the full force and might of the Darkarian hive. With a direct attack at USI’s major Star Stations, It was immediately cut off from retreat. USI’s main Station, Tryst, a Massive Expletun Star Station, was ripped to shreds. Trillions lost their lives within a space of a week. The bulk of those casualties were within the first 24 hours of the Darkarian Strike.

The Darkarians were not without their losses. The forces of USI retaliated and defended their positions well. Being aided with experience and technology, they inflicted damage against the Darkarians destroying 1/3rd of their fleet, though outnumbering the USI 20 to 1. The USI was left with a handful of ships. Major Admiral Seccour promptly ordered their autonomy until their safety could be ensured. He left without another word.

Even with the losses of their fleet, the Darkarians found themselves with a galaxy for the taking. All that is left of USI are the Survivors, those who have avoided the Hive, and refuse to give up; those who believe in what USI stands for. They await for the return of Major Command...

The Dark Era

With the Darkarians besieging the galaxy and beginning to grow stronger every passing moment, the Dark Era begins as Torikor claims the Galaxy as his, denouncing all governments and establishing himself as the Galactic Monarch. He starts his mission to claim everyone to this throne and join his Enlightened.

Six Months of Reign

For Six months the Darkarians seamed to have an impressive and unstoppable momentum. Torikor's expansive growth was hindered by the unwilling and by more powerful who opposed the Darkarian Way. With his forces beginning to stretch thin, the Darkarian movement was still strong, but slowed to a crawling pace.

It was then, when Major Admiral Kerok Seccour returned with the USI Stealth and a small crew with one mission : Assassinate Torikor. During their path the Stealth picked up crew from various ships to strengthen its position. Little did they know, that the dwindling remains of USI forces had gathered. After establishing contact with this fleet, they coordinated a two part attack. With the remains of the USI Fleet attacking a now underguarded breeding system, the Servittians, they would provide a significant diversion to allow the Stealth and her crew to attack Torikor directly and complete the assassination.

The plan worked and the Darkarians diverted resources away from Darkaras, the Stealth was able to launch their offensive and successfully assassinated the first Darkarian and leader of the Hive, Torikor. They were not without losses as several lost their lives, and many returned totally incapacitated, including Kerok Seccour.

Despite the assassination of the Hive Leader Torikor, the Darkarian Hive still exists, although heavily fractured. Their pursuit for galactic domination seams to have been scrapped as most of the Darkarian forces have retreated to known Territories, allowing many factions and civilization to reclaim their lost space and worlds. The fate of the Hive is unknown at this time, but everyone is taking advantage with celebrations and missions to start life anew.

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