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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  500 Years
Psionic Type:
  Faul, Common, Darkarian
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Terran, Metamorph into a Winged Creature, leathery wings, fangs - almost bat like.


During the Darkarian fall from Expletun society ( rather their own separation of such during the time where a division of thought occurred ) they began to think up their own set of races to combat the Expletuns Chosen races. While this was prior to the Hive mind being Borne, these races would be their own champions. All of these races are Metamorphs, making them difficult to detect and combat.

The Faulyn were created as the leader of the Darkarians children. With a taste of blood, the Faulyn are akin to Vampires, thirsting for blood and the ability to metamorph into a bat like flying creature. With Astralpsionic abilities in both their human and metamorph form, they are difficult to kill let alone combat. Its said, that they have a particular thirst for Metorians. Faulyn have the ability to metamorph at will, though most don't develop the skill until they are 100 or so, making younger Faulyn more vulnerable. Their psionic skills also very amateur until their middle aged years (250 or so.) At this point, they are not to be trifled with.

Other Information

Faulyn live on Fau, a planet with an axis perpendicular to their sun, which forces one side of th planet to be immersed in Darkness, where the Faulyn prefer to live, and one of eternal day, which is largly inhabited by the Faulyn. Faulyn exist on Starships without problems to lighting conditions. If exposed to sunlight, they develop headaches, and have a difficult time seeing due to these. Faulyn are extremely effected by even minute amounts of radiation, and maintain their planets environment to protect them from their own sun.

Known Abilities