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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  ~200 Years
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

Terran-like. Servittians have many sub-specials which have a varying degree of Psionic abilities. After they were aligned with the Darkarian Hive, they began to bore markings on their skin which appears to be the result of genetic manipulation by the Hive. These markings so far appear to be genetic alterations and no significance has been determined.


Located on the border of the Core, Delta and Omega Trisectors. Being so close to the core they had previously been untouched by most other factions up to through the centuries. During the time period after which the Stealth Project ship had been lost in the STNN incident, however, the Darkarians Discovered the Servittians and immediately infiltrated their society. It wasn't long before they were enlisted in one of the Darkarians longest term occupation of a sentient race. Due to ease of genetic code manipulation and short breeding times the Darkarians soon turned the Servittians into a primary breeding race for Darkarian Symbionts. After hundreds of years of enslaving the Servittians, the Darkarians twisted and warped their society to worship the Darkarians as gods, and devote their culture and lifestyle towards the pursuit of becoming a host to the Hive.

Other Information

Servittian gestation period is about 3 months. Full adult growth can be achieved in as little as ten years. With certain Darkarian modifications, this period can be reduced to as little as 5 with no side effects. The slight different genetic difference between the sub-species (as were naturally developed by existing on separate planets) has lent to the Darkarian use of specific genetic manipulation based on this subspecies. Some are used specifically for hazardous work, while others are used for psionic power, or infantry. Servittians who do not meet the minimum genetic qualities for serving as a host, are known to serve the hive in their normal capacity aboard ships, or as drones with their mind being dominated however with no true enlightenment.

Servittian Sub-Species

Known Abilities