Translocational Gateway

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General Information

A Translocation gateway is a gateway between two points in which an object can be transferred. The maximum Distance for the TLG is 1/3 Light Minute ( 6 million miles ). In order for a gateway to be established, both sites must have a Translocater active and within the max distance. Gateways exceeding the 1/3 LY distance is not recommended as the gateway is unstable and often times the portal between gateways is lost. If only one Translocator is available, then a gateway cannot be established and transportation between the two sites will need to be accomplished by shuttle, small craft with docking ability, or by physical docking. The Translocational Gateway is similar in operation to the Light Gate, however it is limited in range. Some devices can cause a translocational gateway to destabilize, and spatial phenomenon are known to cause adverse effects on gateways. Light gates are not known to be affected by anything.


Distance Limitation is 6 Million Miles (1/3 Light Minute) Must have two 'sites' or translocators. An entire Translocation Gateway includes a Translocator (to connect the Gateway Catalyst), and a Gateway Catalyst (to produce the actual gateway).


There is currently no history report for this technology.


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