Light Gate

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General Information

The Light gate is a transportation system similar to the Translocation Gateway. The Lightgate uses a mix of Transpatial Conduits and wormhole theory to establish gateways. Its humored that Lightgate use Black and Lighthole phenomenon (Artificially created.) The other benefit to the Light Gate is the so far infinite range of the gateway. Like the Translocation Gateway, the gateway is more stable when two Catalysts are present, however unlike the Translocation Gateway, a Recieving Catalyst isn't required and a Lightgate can open a recieving end almost anywhere. Unless another Lightgate is present, the transportation is only one way, even when using the Translocation Gateway as a recieving end. If another Catalyst is not present for the receiving end, that end can often become unstable and dangerous. Its location placement precision is also extremely limited to a precision of a few hundred parsecs.


The Lightgate can use a Translocation Gateway to connect and create a gateway between two points. Otherwise the other end of the gateway is purely speculation on its location, and orientation.

The First Lightgate discovered is on Tryst, which allows for personnel transport. The Gateway Catalyst itself couldn't accommodate anything larger than a small shuttle. The other two gateways are permanently bound to each other in an unbreakable gateway that connect both the Alpha and Beta spirals of the galaxy. This gateway is unique in the fact that the lightgate actually forces the gateway through a blackhole. It is speculated that the larger the lightgate, the more unstable it can become. By forcing the lightgate through a blackhole, and reinforcing it on the other side, it creates a stable and solid gateway. The smaller gateway located on Tryst has had no problems with gateway creation and transportation of personnel and equipment.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


Power source theory is currently that the Light Gate uses Zero Point Energy leaching off of a Black Hole.