Zeta Trisector

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The Zeta Trisector is one of the three Trisectors of the galaxy, along with the Omega and Delta Trisectors.

Notable areas in the Trisector include Akerian space, Species:Bekkir space, Beta Terran space, the Dragoon Legion, Hormidians|Hormidians space, the Igerian Consulate, the MetorianEmpire, the Natameln Resistance, Nova's operating area, the Orrin Cartel, some SCM space, the Tarcelli Guild and the Wraith Union. USI controlled space makes up the core area of the Trisector.

Major USI stations include Tryst, Darklin Reach and Core Station Zeta.

Notable planets and systems are Aker, Bekkir Prime, Beta Earth, the Igeria system, the Lamorak colony, Metoras, Orrin, and Xenos.