Warfare:Weaponry Personnel

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Energy based Weaponary

PEC - Partical Emitter Cannon. This energy based weapon takes dense particles and by using directed radiation bursts, ignites them in a blast of energy. The larger the emitter, the larger and more destructive the blast. PEC's can be designed as a disrupter based weapon ( large concentrated blasts at intervals engagements, ) or a beam weapon (Lower output, longer duration, beam is movable during blast.) PEC's are highly effective for stunning lifeforms without severely injuiring them. They can be used for vaporization, but energy drain is higher.

Laser - Typical high energy beam of light capable precision cutting and slicing. Rail and Coil Wearponary

Rail Accelerator - Rail technology has enabled solid state projectiles (slugs) to travel as extreme speed, causing destructive power against armor. Rail cannons / guns can rip through hulls and armor like a hot knife through butter. Many slugs can be configured in different ways to react according on impact. ( basic ammo rules for example, hollow shells, silver tipped slugs, etc all have different effects from exploding or expanding on impact, to slicing right through causing breaches. One draw back is . Due tot he knetic nature of the RAC, it poses a mean punch, but fires at a lower rate than its Coil counterpart.

Coil Accelerators - Similar to Rail Technology, Coil accelerators have all the aspects as RAC's. The main difference between the two, is Coil Accelerators shoot a higher rate, and faster, but lack the punch that the RAC's do. There is no Knetic nature to the coil weapons. Shields and Amor

Bubble Shields - Bubble shields have the cabability of projecting a tight shield around the wearer which resembles a bubble. When faced against heavy fire, the bubble shield can provide light fire without failing. When confronted with medium on up , the bubble shield will fail without regeneration ability.

Armor - Different types of armor has been created for defense against firepower. As with everything, armor can only protect teh wearer for only so much damage before its useless and doesn't protect anymore. Ability to protect against Coil slugs vs Rails slugs is significantly higher hower.

Grave-Pulse Disrupter