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Home System:
  Formerly Sol
Home Planet:
  Terra - Earth (uninhabited)
Age Range:
  around 150 years
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features



Terra (earth) was far from peaceful. With large interplanetary struggles, Terra erupted into massive war. The war decimated the planet of 14 billion, leaving only less than a half a million. Terra was destroyed; its life giving soil was stained by blood and war, and now poisonous. They had to leave. The inhabitants of earth left Terra in Seed ships, to find new life, hope, and posterity. Three ships were created, each representing the governments and people of what was left of Terra. The people of Terra left their beloved planet, dividing the human race more than ever.

A sleeper ship known as the Magoth, had stumbled onto a set a planets orbiting a sun similar to Sol. The system had two life sustaining planets, one of them inhabited, the there still without sentient life. The Magoth landed on Mesia Prime (It being the larger of the two habitable planets) and began to settle into a new life. At the time, it was unknown to the Terran's that Mesia Prime's sister planet (orbital planets) was in habited. In fact, it was only a few hundred years behind Terra. The meeting of the two races was inevitable. Not wanting a war, or to leave and rebuild their new home, Terrans immediately made peace with the Mesia's. With the goal of unity and peace in mind, the two races formed the Galactic Alliance. With technology again at the fingertips of the humans, and the Mesians craftsmanship, the GA began to develop the area of space. Finally Terrans had found Unity.

Cheritan is a dry planet. On the edge of the conquered space of a Chosen race, another group of Terrans settled and began to rebuild. The system they settled was rich in resources, with the exception of the one planet, making it a perfect spot to settle. With only one major water body, they rebuilt their life with hard work, sweat and tears. The System they claimed immediately as their own, with no other sentient life to quarrel the argument. These Terrans too took to space again, but on a more military basis, calling themselves the Star Command Militia. Meeting the chosen was a given. Seeing the strength the Chosen had, the SCM immediately called for a alliance, but their devious ways were seen by the chosen, and rejected immediately. Although not allies, the SCM made careful that they weren't enemies either. The chosen they encountered were called Metorians. Because of the political balance in the sector, and the SCM wanting power, they soon realized they couldn't with the Metorians in the area. Again being forced to move, the SCM picked up, and left on seed ships. They eventually found a relatively low political area of space, and settled on a planet called Geridian.

Other Information

While the Terrans do not have any PSI, they have been known to excel greatly in their departs and develop many skills which others could not even imagine. If a Terran sets his mind to something within his field, they are likely to achieve it. Terrans are well rounded in all attributes and are well suited for any position.

Known Abilities