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  Talech IV
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Notable Features

The Talechdonn male is broad barrel chested ogre-like humanoid with a stood posture, incredible strength and massive thick skull. In spite of their fearful appearance, Talechdonn males have large brains and are quite intelligent. The Poet-warrior is the predominant archetype of male Talechdonn, and most are competent with both ancient weapons (mostly bladed) and modern firearms. Under certain tense circumstances, male Talechdonn may enter into a berserker-like war trance.

Talechdonn females by contrast have slim athletic builds and stand erect. Talechdonn females can be quite psionic and are trained in local traditional skills and abilities. They are able to learn other skills despite a strong emphasis on traditional skills. Prior to modern times, Talechdonn females often died giving birth to females. Since the advent of modern science in the culture, male embryos are transfered to incubators that can be maintained in the home. Most traditional females are excellent cooks.

Talechdonn both feature blond hair and blue eyes with little diversity. In spite of sophisticated technology, Talechdonn shun the use of Cybernetics. Talechdonn have strong family groups.


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