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  The Affinity Order
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General Information

The Spydroids are roughtly the size of an Orange and can appear in two forms. One being a ball, which is most common form when the Spydroid is deactivated. Once activated, the Spydroid pops open revealing 8 Legs, and a complex optical system used for scanning and visual recording. A built in audiorecorder is also featured. Most Spydroids are black Metal finish. More expensive and elaborate version may have low key camoflague capability. The Eight legs are used for movement in any direction. THe Spydroid is virtually immobile when in aquatic type enviornments. The Sprydroid can only support its own systems, and has no defensive capability.


The Spydroids were developed by a prime Cyborg faction in order to infiltrate other Cyborg factions. Since the end of the 2nd Cyborg wars they are used by them for any purpose they see fit, including selling them to low key renegade groups. Most higher positioned governments factions and species do not use Spydroids, as they prefere their own methods.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


No other information available.


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