The Affinity Order

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The Affinity Order
Associated Species :
Location :
  Beta Spiral
Military Info :
  Small, Mostly SIS and MIS Sized ship. Few Stations.
Leadership/Government :
  Secretive Cult


The Affinity Order focuses on affinities with Psionic devotions, however they attribute those affinities to a Devotions Deity. The sub groups that affinite to a Deity focus only on that devotion and strictly adhere to the skills in that devotion. While this does lead them to become extremely skilled in devotions, it leaves them often without flexibility that the Psions of the Alpha Spiral enjoy.

Diplomatic Status with USI

While it is hinted that the Order was also created by the Expletuns, they are new enough that the information known is so vague that it simply isn't known. Because of their location, up until the Tryst Station Massacre, there have been little if any known relations offically between the USI and the Order.




While the Order is considered a cult, they are not an offshoot any existing Beta or Alpha spiral religion and have come to its existence completely on its own merits. Its secretive and seclusions nature have left it labeled as a cult, and its strange and somtimes bizzare practices often reinforce this view by everyone including the Affinites themselves.