Orrin Triumvirate

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Orrin Triumvirate
Orrin Triumvirate
Associated Species :
Location :
  Zeta Trisector
Military Info :
Leadership/Government :
  Theacracy, Prefecture


The Orrin are lead by a unique Theocratic Government known as the Triumvirate, who are three Religious prefects to the Orrin Rinnal, who is the head of the Orrin. The Triumvirate are said to divinely lead the Orrin, and the position is gained through Hereditary progression. If no heir is available, the strongest Domain Peer (Dominion of Light, A Peer nobility class), usually an Erenn bids to the Rinnal for the position through a fief. The fief can be anything from land (to be given to the Rinnal Family Visgilds) to Daorfs (Enslaved Families (Septs)).

Each Prefect is over a separate occupation of Space called a Domain or Firth. Each prefecture has a hereditary noble peerage.

The Use of certain oceanic terms is common for the Orrin as Orrin (Home Planet) is a world which resembles many very large islands in three clustering formations from a single major land mass. The Home system is the only system not to be owned by a Dominion of Light, and is owned by the Royal Rinnal Family solely, mimicking the organization that existed prespace Orrin.

Under each Prefect are the Domain Peers who, like the Prefect, double as a religious head for their systems, overseeing both government and religious operations. Domain are also called Dominions of Light, or Dols. The planets within a system are owned by the Visigilds, Nobility who manage the planets of systems within the domain and live off the taxes and other various charges (like rent).

Note: The main Orrin Article explains the unique Orrin terms and their social organization. .

Diplomatic Status with USI

Officially the Orrin and the Triumvirate are neutral parties who have often used the Unified Space Intelligence as a mediator group for interactions with other races. However, Prefect Sprague and his Firth have been at odds with the Unified Space Intelligence after an incident regarding the Lamorak Colony where Psions were being held against their will and drained of their Duais (Psionic By Product that is created when a Psionic uses their abilities) for use as an addictive drug. Despite his already powerful position, Prefect Sprague has created a Cartel with others who are interested in Duais as a Drug who are openly opposed and aggressive to he USI. The Orrin Cartel is made up of Visigilds from all throughout Orrin Territory, and operates secretly. The general Orrin population isn't even aware of the Cartel.


Little is known about the Orrin Triumvirate. It has been suggested that the Triumvirate has existed for millenniums, and has been the form of Government for the Orrin ever since they had civilized civilization and able to record their history.