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Home System:
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Age Range:
  600 Earth Years
Psionic Type:
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Notable Features

Carthaginians all feature dead-pale skin, however many of the clans have trademark features such as tattoo's or a color of hair. The clans are often prideful in the display of their clan mark, and display it openly.


Other Information


Carthaginians are a vampiric race, meaning they desire blood, usually of their own kind. Their vampirism, like the Faulyn, has been linked to an addiction of the psionic substance duais. Carthaginians differ with their psionics in that they are unable to use their abilities without first feeding. While Feeding isn't necessarily fatal, it is often violent and against the will of whom that is being fed upon.

Food, Blood and Psionics

The 'food' is called Essei among the Carthaginians regardless if they are designated 'food' (bred, slaves, or preyed upon) and must be psionic in nature. The bred Essei have a uncontrollable psionic ability which naturally and continually process forcing duais to be deposited in their blood stream always. This ability serves two purposes: generate duais and blood itself, and is often preferred.

Feeding serves a dual purpose as it is also the primary source of nutrition. IN this regard, it doesn't matter where the blood comes from, humanoid or even animal are acceptable. The use of traditional food and drink sources are still used but usually out of tradition or when in a situation where there exists no Essei. Essei are still preferred source of nutrition as well.

The overextending of abilities not only causes your expected psionic reactions, but may also cause a violent change known as 'Frenzy'. This is scientifically a depletion of the substance duais in their blood to which Carthaginians are addicted to. Other species such as the Orrin are also known to exhibit the behavior, but have superior mental control. Frenzy is an uncontrollable need to feed. While this can be dangerous and very violent, those who are affected by the "Terrible Hunger", are also in a superior weakened state making them very vulnerable.

Class System

The Carthaginians have a basic class system based off of age which indicate their potential for power due to experience. The passing through each class requires rites and rituals to be performed by their families and clans. Rarely is it possible for a Carthaginian to evoke the rites to pass into higher class before his time. Failure to complete the rites results almost always in death.

ж - Newly born (Created) into the world of Carthage. ж - They have proven themselves in front of the elders for their worthiness and expertise. ж - Relatively young Carthaginians, often are in assistant or service roles. ж - Adults, Middle-aged Hoaren - Old Carthaginians ж - Legendary Carthaginians, Only they are allowed to serve in the secretive council. Despite their age, they physically are experienced and well kept. Most Carthaginians do pass away before reaching this stage, often their death is not natural and due to the failure of the rites and rituals required to pass into this class.


The society of the Carthaginians is secretive and often introverted. They do not have much expanded space control and typically keep to themselves. Finding a Carthaginian outside of their system is often a result of exile or a result of the individual being raised outside of their mainstream society.


A core of the Carthaginian is their clans. While thousands of years ago there were thousands of clans, centuries and centuries of inner conflict and violence has reduced their population and clans down to a handful. This has also resulted in the need to often artificially create their young instead of baring them naturally, which is still possible. This in vitro breeding is done to ensure certain bloodlines are kept for clan leadership rather than for the inability to procreate through more natural methods. It is not uncommon for smaller families to procreate naturally.

The major clans that still exist are :

Known Abilities