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Jump to navigation Jump to search is the home for the USI-RPG (also referred to as the New Era) Universe created by Kriss Orton with submissions from the USI-RPG Play-by-Email Role-Playing-Game Players.

From 1997-2007 USI-RPG was an active Play-by-Email Role-Playing-Game. In April of 2007 the Game portion had to be shutdown due to Real-Life(tm) personal details of Kriss. While it possible of the reopening of the Game, and even hoped for, there is no tentative date or definite plans in regards.


The universe is still slated for development and updating. Those changes will be documented here on the Wiki.


By default, logins are to be handed out as requested if approved.

Logins will only be given to past and current players (at the time of the closing) who wish to comment and engage in discussion about the universe.

Past and Current Admirals (at the time of the closing) are granted permission to edit the pages themselves for clarification and editing.

Email me if you are eligible for a login at seccour (at) usi (dash) rpg (dot) com

Does a PBEM or RPG Still exist ?

A seperate, non-affiliated independant RPG has been setup for the existing players to participate and join. Please see USI Survivors for information regarding that RPG including Copyright details on their use of the Universe.

Old Website: What Is USI?

USI RPG is a FREE Play-By-Email Role Playing game based in a unique universe created by Kriss Orton, Christine Orton, Marc Means, and its players collectively. Its also a free Creative Game, which means that as part of the rules of the game, we try to allow for as much freedom as possible to the player, without putting out his/her fellow players in return. Like all games, USI does have rules, regulations, and policies in which are created in order to create a more creative atmostphere, for the purpose of writing, and of course, having fun! These will change from time to time in order to accomadate everyone's needs, and maintain the highest level of playing for EVERYONE.

USI is played by writing emails to a list, this email consists of a players writings, which contribute to the running story. These are called posts. As emails are sent in to a single address, our server then distributes that email out to everyone else on that list. A player may at any time remove himself from a list by following the instructions at the bottom of every email which is sent through our server.

As a player contributes his portion of a story, so will the other players on the same list. Often times a player may recieve as little as 3 emails a day, or as much as 15 emails, depending on the activity of the crew.

This system is called Play By Email.

U S I, or Unified Space Intelligence , is a Military Organization created in our Universe Setting. This Universe is often called " Era " as the history of this universe setting is marked by eras of specific events. As you play the game, you take on the role of a USI Officer Wannabe. After a brief training at Tryst Academy, you graduate, and finally realize the goal of being a full fledged USI Officer. From there, your adventure begins. Like many situaitons, you start out cold, naked, and without possesion. You come to USI becuase you must.