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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  Between 200-300 years
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

White/green skin. Looks human. Have two hearts (one reserve). Males have yellow eyes. Females have deep purple eyes. They walk twice as fast as terrans.


Before the Planet Fanat was discovered, one of the Fanatys was found on planet Earth. It was a boy. He crew up along with humans. Because he looked like a human (only A slight difference), they called his species Humanoid. After the discovery of planet Fanat, they found out that these species where called Fanatys. The Fanatys aren't a hostile species, and not aggressive.

The Fanatys are a secret species; hiding is one of their specialties. Their planet is surrounded by a thick fog, which can't be scanned through. They are also cloaked for a double protection. Only USI knows where the planet is.

The Fanatys are explorers, only they use a different tactic. Once in every 20 years they select a baby, (male), who gets an implant in his head (you can't see it, it is cloaked). This baby will be sent to a planet, which will be explored. This device will monitor the baby's moves and record everything he sees and hears. This way the Fanatys species will know everything about every species.

The Fanat who is implanted doesn't know it, and only a few have found out.

This device can have side effects:

- Once in 7 weeks he has a big headache

- He can see things that aren't there

- High level of stress

They first thought that the Fanatys species lived some kind of fantasy world, because the only one of them who had been found lived in a big fantasy world. He saw many things that weren't there. He had treatments with the dream projector, and it seems that he is coming back to reality.

Other Information

Since they have been found, they asked for the protection of the USI and asked them not to tell their location. They also have a lot of secret data of other species. More than the USI has been able to uncover to this date.

Known Abilities