Zero Point Power

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Affiliation :
  USI  |  Other
Type :
  Power Generation
Available :
  Common, Rare
Range :

General Information

Also known as Vacuum Energy, Zero Point energy is the lowest energy point of a system, which cannot be removed from it (Casimir Effect). Using this as a basis among other related facets of Zero Point Energy, Zero Point technologies have emerged in full force including large scale, large volume power generation. Using various direct power systems for Zero-Point Power, cores can now be built to power the ever demanding applications of Faster Than Light Flight and large scale galactic battle requiring energy weapons and protective shields.


Two ZPP's are known to exist. Direct power generation of ZPP extraction (Nuclear for example) a Zero-Point Power Core can take advantage of even the smallest form of energy within its domain leaving the power cores to become extremely efficient leaving the output system as its only inefficient portion. One of the most common ZPP is through the use of hyper-dense dwarf black holes. Small enough to not pose any gravity effects, but dense enough to take full advantage of. Another form is of course nuclear, used by emerging factions most commonly. String manipulation devices can be used to further the safety of Dwarf Black Hole based ZPP's.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


No other information available.