Wraithe Plasmathrower

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Affiliation :
  Wraithe | USI
Type :
Available :
  Common, Uncommon
Range :
  10 Meters

General Information

Standard Wraith Military weapon, used mostly in hand-held format. Although it lacks a long range, the Plasma Disruptor more than makes up for it with its devastating power close up.

USI first gained access to the Disruptors when several crates of the weapon were traded during a diplomatic mission.


Weapon Length: 0.83 metres. Weapon Weight: 5 kg.

The plasma it channels leaves the barrel and immediately spreads out, resulting in a flamethrower-like stream of extreme heat. This stream will rapidly raise the temperature of any material in its path, thereby igniting any combustable materials in the process. The medium that the stream of plasma is passing through will also be heated. In most instances this is likely to be air, which will raise the temperature in the vicinity of usage at a fairly rapid rate.

The strong chaotic electrical and magnetic fields generated by the plasma will have a disruptive affect on any energy shielding it impacts. It will also adversly affect any electrical systems within five yards of the stream. It is strongly advised that such a weapon is not used on or near USI equipment, especially shipping.

The casing of the weapon is heavily reinforced, thereby making it rather weightier than alternatives, such as most rifles, and is consequently designed to be operated with two hands.

On average, the Plasma Thrower requires reloading after 52 seconds of use.

A heat guage on the casing will steadily rise during operation. In temperate conditions, the guage will take around 10 to 15 seconds to go into the red. There by indicating that the weapon is overheating and in imminent danger of turning itself into a fireball. The operator should wait approximately 5 or more seconds for the guage to drop back down to safe operating levels.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


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