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Home System:
Home Planet:
Age Range:
  50-65 Years
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :

Notable Features

As a Human they are nearly identical to Terrans, however they posses the ability to transform into various animals, with the wolf being the most prominant, which is actually their native form, Human/Terran being their transformed ability. This altered form is the only shape shifting form which they can posses. This consequently make Terran-like species capable of mating with the Weren, aside from other weren. Cross weren races are unable to mate.


During the Darkarian fall from Expletun society (rather their own separation of such during the time where a division of thought occurred) they began to think up their own set of races to combat the Expletuns Chosen races. While this was prior to the Hive mind being Borne, these races would be their own champions. All of these races are Metamorphs, making them difficult to detect and combat.

The Weren, contrary to their cousins did not retain their loyalty to the Darkarian hive. It is thought this is due to their Metamorph state that genetically prevents them from being tied to the hive as their masters. This makes them independent to their own alliances.

The Canus system, which was named after the discovery of the Weren and in honor of their prominent wolf race form as is their planet, is located between the Galactic and Nephatsu territories near the Galactic Core border. They are roughly between Terra Nova and Galaxia which made their humble position to far out for strategic occupation in the 28th century. They were discovered early in the 24th century as the GA's exploration expansion was slowing down and the Stealth Project was in its early beginnings by the Nephatsu.

Given the Nephatsu's powerful telepathic abilities, first contact was made effectively and without misunderstanding. It was not long before the Weren discovered their shifting ability and began to educate and develop space travel capability.

Since that time they have bided their time protecting their space and maintaining their old ways of life with nature. During the years of learning how to shift their native form have found that they can be skilled somewhat with manipulation and craftsmanship, which allows them to perform aboard starships.

Other Information

The weren are a group of intelligent Metamorphs who's body shape has features which resemble the Terran myth Wereanimals. For the first several years of a Weren's life, they are unable to change form, however once reaching maturity, they find that changing into a human form becomes natural. This form is usually retained effortlessly however only for short periods of time where their bodies force themselves to change back for at least a day. This ability was first discovered when their planet Lupi was visited by Terrans, whom they could consequently mimic in form. As few other races visited, they learned shortly that Terrans were the only race that Weren could shape into. While the Terrans mistakenly thought them to be human plagued with Lycanthropy, a terran mythical disease which causes the same effect as the weren Metamorph, there exist no disease or sickness which explains this phenomenon. It is now known that their ability is a genetic design of the Darkarians.

Weren are largely immune to disease or sickness (Character ability) however this ability is oddly only maintained while in their natural wolf form. As a human they are suspect able. If they are infected or inflicted with a disease or sickness, this slowly heals during their Weren form. If the disease is not fully purged from their body before shifting back into a human, it can revert and possibly kill the Weren while in Human form.

The Weren have found that they are most vulnerable in human form, however it is this form in which they are able to most develop in technology, science, and extraterrestrial communications. Most species can't speak Weren, which is made up of howls, grunts, barks, and extensive body language.

Weren exist in complex social groups, depending on their animal form.

Because of their location, the Weren have largely kept out of galactic political affairs preferring to occupy their humble space, which features several habitual systems. They do enjoy generally good relations with USI, offering themselves as skilled warriors.

Known Abilities