Warfare:Weapon Tiers

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Weapons for ships are categorized into Tiers.

A ship may be said to have X amount of tiers, or to have X Tiers of Weapons. There are 10 current tiers of weapons.

Weapon Tiers

  1. Defensive Grade Energy
    • Limited Supply, mounts. MIS Grade, Is an Instant on Defense. Always Charged. LImited shorts before requires a deep recharge.
  2. Point Defense
    • Anti Missile, torpedo, SFC. Close Range Defensive. Usually SFC Grade.
  3. High Damage
    • Think Nuke. Rail, Ion Cannon are Examples of High Damage. They are Station Grade.
  4. Counter Ship.
    • Weapons designed for Specific Ships
  5. SIS Grade
  6. MIS Grade
  7. LIS Grade
  8. Area Effect
    • Wide Dispersal weapons.Shotgun of Spatial Weaponry.
  9. Long Range Ordinance.
    • LIS Grade, Long Range, Area Effect or Greater.
  10. SFC's
    • Small Fighter Craft.

Weapon/Defense Grades

  1. SFC
    • Shuttle and Small Fighter Craft,1-5 Decks
  2. SIS
    • Small Intergalactic Ship, 5-10 Decks
  3. MIS
    • Medium Intergalactic Ship, 10-25 Decks
  4. LIS
    • Large Intergalactic Ship, 25-250 Decks
  5. Station
  6. Planetary