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Energy Shields - Your typical science Fiction shields designed to protect the ship. Energy shields in USI are restricted to the ship only ( no expanding your shields to protect the whole universe) and act like a layer between space and the hull. If you were to ionize a shield, you would see that it practically floats on top of the hull of its ship.

Radiation Deflectors - Modified Energy shields designed soley for replelling the radioactive nature of space. They also work well against heat and ion based attacked ( Cannon, storms, etc. )

Semifluid Armor Plating - Semifluid armor plating is armor that has the ability to form to an impact, increasing structual support outside the blast area, decreasing the impact damage to standard armor. With a computer command, the armor can reseal itself around an impact if a hull breach has occured.

Standard Amor Plating - All around armor plating with good qualities and protection. Almost all ships have at least standard armor plating.

Tenacious Armor Plating - Impact resistant to missles and effective protection against lasers due to density of the armor. Only a Torpedo and Ion cannon prove to be a threat to the protective armor. Because it is heavier armor, only LIS and specially designed ships for battle have it installed. When installed, a ships ability for other tasks begin to decrease. Many sensor equipment cannon be installed on top of Tenacious armor.

Most ships have variants of each armor, putting Tenacious in certain spots and leaving the rest to standard and semifluid. This helps increase the mobility and diversity of a ships nature, while providing maximum protection.