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Type :
  Ship Weapon
Available :
Range :

General Information

Propulsion Type : Rail, or Particle Wave. The Particle Wave Solution may provide for longer range and quicker projectile, but also make the projectile extremely detectible.

Effectiveness : Slow moving objects such as LIS, Stations, Asteroids, planets, or incoming targets who are at a LV ( As their maneuverability is cut down considerably).

Pros : Artillery may have several ammo configurations. Artillery Ammo is fast, hard to detect. May have large destructive ability. Mobile.

Cons : High reload time. Accurate against slower moving targets. Has a very large kickback, requiring the mounting point to be very strong, or have good inertial compensators. Higher destructive Ammo types have higher failure rate of detonations (become duds.) Ship must be 'anchored' using string-based anchors.


There are no other details available at this time.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


Is avaialble only on the USI Ordinance Ship Class