Universal Transaction and Trade Syndicate

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Universal Transaction and Trade Syndicate
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  Unisec Corp
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UTTS is a Trade, Transaction, Currency, and Communications Syndicate for the purpose of interconnecting the universe without regards of current political statuses. This ensures that smaller factions and species govnerments can have more stable economies and that intergalactic trade and transactions can occur on mutal basis removing the problems of economic diversities. Because they manage it all, there is no political interaction between other factions as they strive to remain fully netural.

Diplomatic Status with USI



UTTS in the originated on 21st century earth. It was one of earth's major providers of communication software. They affected people's daily lives. But they wanted more and started to buy seats in earth's major governments. Just before they could install their own president, their bribery was found out. UTTS was forbidden and slowly fell apart. After centuries, the relatives of the founder invented totally new communication devices which were more powerful than anyone had seen. Some say they used the technology of the Preservers. Now after all these centuries UTTS has risen again, being the most powerful communication network ever. With their risen power and extensive use of Unisec Corp they have also been able to establish a galactic currency. Now being the most commonly accepted forms of currency, they are considered the Galactic Bank, despite known corruptness in their levels.


UTTS' base has never been found. That's because they are spread over ten vessels. These vessels always have the latest cloaking technology and never confront another ship. They promote to be neutral and work with all kinds of species to setup communication, trade, and Transaction networks. Meanwhile they sell top secret information to the highest bidder. It's current president is Anthony W. McGates.