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Unisec Corp
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  Police, Big Brother
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The Universe Security Corporation,Unisec Corp, or USC are a Galactic wide Services for hire group. Their standard services are Intergalactic Police and Peace Keeping for any Government or Faction who require the services but are unable to provide them for themselves. Typically smaller Factions employ their services due to the circumstance that they are not as Technologically advanced and the USC provides them with the tech edge needed.

The USC also is a major ally of the UTTS providing them with their Investigative and collections as well as their Security, Police, and general Peace Keeping.

In general the USC tries to maintain absolutely neutrality among all other factions just like the UTTS does. Its rumored that the two are more deeply interconnected than a simple and standard business agreement of services. There are several Factions who explicitly do not trust nor tolerate USC. Among them, are all three Chosen races especially the Nephatsu (link) who's telepathic abilities have given them great insight as to the higher workings of the USC.

Many if not most factions allow the USC into their territory in order to facilitate existing diplomatic relations. USC unofficially patrols FreeSpace except known USI Operating zones such as the RIM and the Core and AnarchSpace.

Diplomatic Status with USI

Neutral, however USI doesn't trust the USC and Considers them Mercenaries and mostly Corrupt as they are known to manipulate the unsuspecting who enlist in their services. USC has a long history of being relentless, overly agressive and showing little restraint. They often clash specifically with USI's policy of life preservation.


The USC has little if significant History recorded. The USC was founded not too long after UTTS who were their first client. As the UTTS gained in power, the USC's credibility gained significantly and are now considered a minor Galactic Faction.


USC's Fleet is largely made up of SIS Patrol Vehicles outfitted with Minimal SIS Weaponry. They almost always are found in pairs and always operate within a short range of a LIS Carrier. MIS Ships are rare and not often used. LIS ships are used mainly as Mobile bases.

Ranks, Divisions and Sections

The ranking structure for the USC is very complicated as it involves ranking divisions and sections for each client they hold. Additionally the USC has structure above the Division, that is internal corporate.

Each of their clients are divided into Divisions, Sections and Units. The Division is a particular line of work, such as Safety, Homicide, Theft and robbery, General Assignment, Narcotics, Intelligence, SWAP, Administration. Each Division assigns officers to Sections, which are genreally localized groups of officers. These officers are then divided into Units for actual operations depending on that section.

At the top for each client is the Commissioner. He oversee's each client operation and works directly with the clients government.

Captain: operate and lead each division.


Chief: operate and lead the Sections.


Sergeant: Operate and lead Units. This is the Equivalent of the USI Captain Rank and Position.

Detective: Detectives work mostly alone or small groups, however are assigned to Units.

1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class