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Uniforms for the crew will be based off of their position. This is to ensure maximum functionality of the uniform for the officer. There will be three basic uniforms.

Dress Uniform

Formal attire for all Officers of the Unified Space Intelligence. These are used for occasions such as formal meetings and diplomatic conferences as well as other civil services, relgious, weddings, etc.

Active Duty Uniform

Generic Non Specialized uniform worn by those who do not require a uniform beyond the scope of their current duty. All officers have this uniform, and wear it while on duty when not performing a special task.

Example : A pilot who is in class, a non formal meeting, briefing, training, will wear this uniform instead of his flight suit, which is worn only when flying a SFC, shuttle, or other similar craft.

Engineers would wear this when doing standard operations such as computer input, or systems simulations, instead of their specialized uniform which would be worn when inside a Soliton Matrix, or repairing a PEC Strip array or other higher task.

Any officer would wear this when going through SVAPA training or simulations.

Department Uniform

Designed seperately for each department in order to meet the needs of that department for highest productivity.

Pilots and Navigators would wear flight suits when actually flying a SFC, Shuttle or similar craft.

Marines would wear this when going into a combat situation, but not when doing basic training or simulations.