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USI's Departments could also be considered Divisions of the USI Corps.

Science and Research


Sciences are charged with the knowledge and skills with space phenomenon and physics speculation. They research the why's of the universe and offer speculation as to why it works. Sciences exist as the core of development of all major technology and understanding of the universe.

Operations and Development


Operations are the core of the USI. They are the Engineers, Mechanics, Computer Programmers, the Cleaning Crews, the Maintenance Crews, the cooks and all the random jobs around USI that make a ship and station run the way they do. Their jobs are often unseen and unappreciated. They are the largest of USI Departments.



The Medical Facilities on any USI ship are charged with providing health care to the ship's company and all attached personnel. The extended nature of many starship voyages, as well as the hazardous nature of the USI duty, can make this a considerable challenge. Also, the diverse range of life forms in USI, as well as on various destination planets, dramatically increases the scope of the task.



They are in charge of piloting spacial crafts like StarShips and SFC”s, and plotting courses. While their skills may seam basic, they require a lot of fine tuning an more than just experience to make for the best pilots and Navigators. The position is also one of the most important, as everyone rely’s on good skills to take the ship out to space, and back home again in one piece.



Security is USI’s Police force for both IN the USI ( internal affairs ) and out. They provide for the security, defense, and justice of USI. They are also in charge of providing safety and aid to anyone who needs it. They are best described as a police-like department. While noted as non-combatant, this is due to a difference in training - thought they are fully trained and skilled with weaponry. Security are trained to SWAT level of combat, smaller groups and forces, mostly designed for internal 'security' of the USI. Death and severe casualties are very minimal aside from disaster.

Aegis Organization


Aegis is USI's Combat Centered Division. With its training and equipment focused on Combat and Warfare, they protect and defend USI.



Command is the authority heirarchy of USI. After completing command school Commander Elite's have the option of going through and becoming part of USI's command and authority. These positions starting with First Officer :

First Officer, Captain, Task Force Command, Fleet Force Command, and many others. These positions also have other sub positions, many which are desk jobs, others are hands on in the field. While not always combat oriented, command will often find themselves in command and in combat.

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