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Submitting Content

Aside from the posting, we occasionally get players who enjoy the game so much that they come up with new ideas and wish to submit this. We think this is awesome, and have run into some situations which we need to make clear.

Submitted Content must comply with the Terms of Service and the Copyright and Trademark. It is also very important to state that not everything actually fits in the universe. For example a species that is located in the Delta Trisector and never been touched by the Darkarians is very much out of the scope of the universe and simply will be rejected because it doesn't fit. Certain Technologies are also unacceptable as they either drastically tip the favor of power too far to a certain organization, or its simply out reach and unrealistic that a particular faction could create/operate one given their place in the universe.

So it is important to know that we do give our time and attention to all submissions that pass our way and we reserve the absolute right to not accept it. We also reserve the right to change the ideas and surrounding concepts if its good enough that it should be included into the universe.

It is up to me (Kriss) to make this determination.

Remember, before submitting content to me you must agree to the Terms of Service and the Copyright and Trademark. IF you do not, do not submit content as submitted content will be assumed that you do!