Super Hero Syndrome

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Superhero Syndrome

Applies also to Supervictim Syndrome

A state in which a Player Character or Non-Player-Character are able to resolve introduced conflicts with relative ease with disregard to the natural development of said Player Character or Non-Player-Character. Most commonly 'SHS' is seen when done in a repetitive manner, and attributes to a egotistical writing style of the player, who will often refuse the concept that their Player-Character or Non-Player-Character is flawed or not yet reached a developed stage on where the Player-Character or Non-Player-Character could actually achieve those feats. At higher levels, it is hard to distinguish the differences between a high level character and SHS, however the egotistical nature of the writing is a key element. Non SHS players will often down play their high lvl characters through the use of well constructed plots which present conflicts which are still difficult for their 'PC' or 'NPC' while yet not being beyond the scope of other participating players. Another key element is the repetitive nature of their SHS tendencies and attempt to remain in the spotlight when possible.