Star Command Militia

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Faction Name
Faction Logo SCM.png
Associated Species :
  Terran (Strict)
Location :
  Galactic Borders
Military Info :
Leadership/Government :


General Information

Diplomatic Status with USI



When Earth was destroyed by her own inhabitants, three sleeper ships left her in search of a new and better life. The sleeper ship known as the 'Goth' headed for her yet to be known destination of the dry planet of Cheriton, which was on the edge of Metorian Space. The system was rich with resources, and it wasn't long before these terrans had rebuilt, and developed a Spacial Military. They called themselves the Star Command Militia. Shortly after, they ended up meeting the Metorians.

Seeing the potential of the Metorians as an Ally, they immediately called for an Alliance. The Metorians, could feel the deviousness in the SCM Leadership, and refused. While even though they weren't allies, the SCM made sure they didn't burn the bridges at the time, and steared clear of any agressive conflict with the Metorians. With the SCM wanting to raise to Military and Political power, they realized that they again, had to leave. The other nearby Power prooved to be very vicious, and they had no desire to be caught up between the two.

They headed across Metorian Space, into the Delta Trisector. They settled on a planet nearby an STNN, known as Geridian. The Area of space was still reletively new politically, and the given strength of the SCM gave them an opportunity to grow conquer. Within a few hundred years, they had expanded until they encountered a strange region of space on one side, and the Metorians on another. Like other factions, they left the Core alone due to its dangerousness.

During the creation of the USI, the SCM attempted to assert themselves. Being that USI and the Metorians were close allies, they ended up stepping on toes, and eventually declaring war over a dispute of Darklin reach, which resided in Metorian space.

SCM and USI have been at odds since.


SCM is extremely hostile towards the USI, and will always be considered extremely dangerous. Any contact with the SCM has almost always resulted in battle. They are very proud and will not accept help from anyone if they can help it.