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Type :
  Realistic Simulation
Available :
  Very Common
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General Information

The Sensory of Visual Audio Physical Array, or SVAPA for short, uses the LCM's CIIM iCon for most USI Officer to connect directly to the brain of a biological host. The SVAPA, is a virtual simulator designed to be a tool for training, entertainment and even therepy. There are even situations with psionic therepy, that it can be used to recreate scenarios and situations, making it a tool as well for scene reconstruction for investigations, or to resurface memories (good, or bad.)


Due to the limitations of physical interaction with Holographic projections, the SVAPA is a good alternative and posses far significant threat than a theoretical physical holographic projection as was popularized by some 20th century entertainment franchises.


In the 20th Century there was a popular movie which capitalized on the concept know as 'The Matrix'. While the SVAPA is similar in some operations, you cannot die in a SVAPA simulation. The Idea was later reinvented due for the need for a stronger tool of investigation was needed. It was later adapted for therapy, and ultimately entertainment and training.


While USI specific CIIM iCon is used by USI for SVAPA use, other races use a similar non-specific interface commonly only used for SVAPA integration. Some races and factions consider the SVAPA and the iCon (Generic or USI's CIIM) to be in violation of their cutlure (Religous or otherwise) and forbid its installment making their participation limited to an external computer interface.

There are many safety concerns about the SVAPA, many which are built into the SVAPA itself by reputable SVAPA manufacturers. USI's CIIM iCon also employs secondary backup safety measures to increase the safe use of the SVAPA. It is impossible to become injured physically by a SVAPA. The safe guards built into the SVAPA and the iCon are also designed to minimize mental, Psionic injury as well.