Rules of Play

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Basic Rules

The number one rule is to have fun. The universe is quite expansive and should give you many opportunities to explore many aspects of your character. The website is always being updated with new or corrected information. Rarely, we will introduce retrocon (that is information which effects past events and writings which may or may not still fit) concepts in attempt to further enhance the universe in whcih we play in.

Secondly, you may not post thoughts or ideas of that other players character unless given experience of that owner. You may not also go killing off, maiming, killing family members of another character, or posting them doing something totally erratic, etc. Your writings should generally focus on your characters. This also applies for antagonist characters. By extension, this also applies to universe related characters and inanimate objects such ships, stations, planets, factions, including the ones you may play on.

Third, you must post in accordance to the Terms of Service. By posting, you are indicating that you accept them and will abide by it. Terms of Service establishes a code of conduct and content submission information.

Interaction & Development

The most basic of Role Playing is the interaction between you and the other players. With our free form style of playing, its easy to step on the others toes when it comes to the actual interaction of character. They will get after you and is not conductive to a good playing atmosphere. This calls for trouble and often times will almost immediately mark you as an unwanted player, or a trouble maker. However, if you do get permission, Often times it can be a fun plot twist to do the aforementioned. Good Communication is healthy to a group of players, and promotes unity, and great fun. Please be min

A player may also develop his own character despite his ranks, species, or alignment to his own will as long as they abide by the given rules and Terms of Agreement. These have been developed because of abuse of the system and lack of maturity by past players. This also means that if you see a player who is a Nephatsu who is quite sadistic and one that is quite nice, it doesn't mean they are playing their characters incorrectly. This means hat their character is that way. There may be typical features and facts about a species which should help you define your character. Nothing other than stated rules have say how your character grows and develops as long as it is fitting within the universe and setting on which we play. If you play a Matrix who was born in the SCM colony of Gershon, then so be it. That is YOUR Character.

As good rule of thumb, to prevent others playing your character incorrectly or trying to dictate the direction of your characters development, posting at least three times a week will ensure that your fellow players will not do this. Posting at least this much will also you fit into the crew, and make a place for yourself on your current post.

Character Limit

Generally we restrict the use of up to two characters in the game. The use of Non-Player-Characters (NPC's) may be used freely, and we encourage their use. They should be used as complimentary characters however, with the focus of writing be done on your main player characters. Upto 5 NPC's may be used by players. Captains, Admirals and Game staff may be granted more to help facilitate the plots.


A signature needs to be added at each post to help readers know who is sending in the post in order to direct questions to or to make sense of what is going on. The format below is requested.

Rank and Name
Ship Name Ship Registry
Ship Class

Variations are acceptable as long as they are not too elaborate. It is preferred to have a short and concise signature. Links to Character bio's are acceptable. Often times other information may be added, but we ask that you maintain maturity when creating your signature. Often we have noticed others putting things ALONG with their signature such as "Main security Banana " And such. We don't' mind you do that as long as the rest of the signature is there and that it is not inappropriate.

Formatting Tips

Often we encounter situations where we need to indicate that dialog is ocuring through means of a Transmission such as Psionic or Ship to Ship Communications, for example. Below are some requested formatting to indicate these situations.

< > - These are used to note when speaking through a communications system. 
Example: <"Captain, we are taking heavy fire!">, Tagger said, covering his head.
~~ - Is used to note when speaking through PSI (Telepathic), or Psionic Communication. 
Example: ~Help me!~, Taelin said, mustering her mental powers.
"" - Quotes are used of course as a way of noting verbal communication. 
Example: "Hello, sir!", Tagger said excitedly.

Note that quotes are used in the communication style noting. This is because they are still verbally speaking, and require the quotes. Psionic communication does not require the use of quotes when writing.

Content Submissions

A short word about Player Creations, Technology, and their use in the game.

Although we take place in a Science Fiction and Fantasy realm of Role Playing, its often too easy to create an omnipotent being, or a wonderful device of magnificent power to aid you in your quests. Usually its the brilliant creation of the players character which summons up the help, and suddenly all peace is declared throughout the galaxy.

Regardless of how intelligent or strong your may think your character is, this is bad form of role playing. The ability to instantly end the conflict, negates the whole purpose of the RPG in itself, which is to create a character, and define its experiences through our imagination. Creating a superhuman that flies the second you begin to post and can never die is not very imaginative, and ruins the game for the others. We often refer to this as SuperHero Syndrom. We restrict ability to instantly create your own technology, Species, etc to be subject to approval. Your characters abilities and skills are subject to the Character System.

Player created enemies (that which isn't defined by the USI Website and its Database of the Universe) should take this into account when posting such. Although we do allow for free form writing, just because you write it into the story / plot line, doesn't mean it will become canon, and all material is subject to extermination by your commanding officers or List/Group Moderators. Maturity of your creations need to be used, and if done so properly, everyone ends up happy, and you get to use your imagination freely.


Species may only be used if they are in the database. Part of this is because of our character design system, and another part is because its really easy to just say " I am a Gorgoon and I am invinciible." Which of course is lame and then you get no friends and have a HORRIBLE time playing the game. So the available species to play are in the database.

Secondly - while you may be a member of that species, it doesn't mean that you have pull, sway , or mass influence in the grand scheme of that species. As you progress in the game you may post according to that species which you have selected, but actions such as calling that species mass fleet over to rescue you and only you from some ill fate doesn't work. In fact it doesn't happen. As a game you must respect the fact that while you are special, so is everyone else. And you must also respect the fact that as you play this game, you are playing as an officer of the Unified Space Intelligence. Which means that even in treaties, those species have no obligation to suddenly help you out, time and time again.

Not sure where this goes,but remember...

Sometimes you will encounter a player from another culture or even language, we ask that patience be observed when mistakes are made grammatically, and if they post out of line (EX: posting your character inappropriately.) They might not immediately understand the situation as you. An easy thing to remember while playing the game both on the lists and using the other services is RESPECT. There are others who play this game, treat them as you would like to be treated. Often times, the favor is returned.

We understand that this is a game, and try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We also try to be pretty relaxed in the rules and try to accommodate everyone situation. Players do need to understand that many of the rules are in place to ensure that the game does run smoothly. If you end up being demoted due to lack of posting, please understand it is because there are players who are able to play, and we need to give them the same opportunity.

As with anything, the key to success is being able to communicate. If you are unwilling to communicate with the leadership of the game, most likely this will end up in us not understanding your situation or knowing what you need as a player to make this game as fun and entertaining as it can be.