Riot Baton

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Type :
  Crowd Suppression
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General Information

A small expendable tube. In it's small form it's about a foot long, and can fire a low level PEC from it's end. For Combat it can be automatically extended by twisting a middle section of the device, it extends to 6 feet in lenght for long range hand to hand combat.


Developed on Balaxia during the occupation to maintain control of the populace. Following the liberation the device was used by the balaxian defence force as a primary weapon. During trading with USI, the Balaxian government traded the design of the weapon with USI to be used for station and ship security purposes. The weapon can be used for non leathal hand to hand combat or can be employed in a contemporary energy weapon battle.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


No other information available.


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