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Psionics is a term used to indicate abilities of the psyche, usually under the control of the individual, who is called a Psion. There are a few different types of Psionics beyond the generic term, which then break down into specifics of function that a particular ability(s) can perform. Psionics as a science and technology is actually new, with its acknowlagement and scientific study only being made known within the last few hundred years. Prior to the ability to explore psionics with technology, it has been regarded as supernatural with little ability to study it aside from observation. Because of such, only highly advanced psions in the past actually used their abilities despite whole races being able to utilitize them with reletively easy access to the abilities.


There are three types of Psionics that exist. Protopsionic, archpsionic, and apsionic. There are serveral disciplines, or schools or psionic training which are Telepsionic (Telepathy), Clairsentience, Aurealpsionics, Metapsionics, Astralpsionics, Psychokinetics, Psychoelemental.


  • Protopsionic is the parent psionic type and is commonly referred to as simply psionic. The type is the most common found throughout the universe.
  • Archpsionic was a secondary form of psionics manifested only in certain species, also known as negitive psi. Initially it was thought that this was another form of aspsionics, but soon realized that it was a unique form of psionics. In psionics, psions can develop their skills among most, if not all, disciplines. While there is a biological limit to how high their skills can be developed, they can gain a variety of abilities. Archpsionics, as it was found, can access only a few disciplines, however, their skills within a particular discipline was able to exceed that of a protopsion. Archpsions also have a much more difficult time developing their abilities, as the natural way to access these skills and abilities require much more of the archpsion, than of psionics. Archpsions, while have access to the same skills and abilities as protopsions, access these abilities in a much different form and are unable to use all the same techniques that are used for proto-psions.
  • apsionic, or Psionic Null, is the inability to use psionics. Species which are apsionic do not have even paranormal or supernatural occurrences of psionic abilities. Apsions are not immune to psionic abilities, as many abilities are emoted, broadcasted or physically manifested (but not limited to these.) Apsions are notably protected against telepathy-like skills such as mind reading, general telepathy, and they do not emote their emotions as most others do who do not have the skills to prevent such. They are easily seen on life sensory skills, and have a aura like everything else does. Apsionics cannot mask their aura with certain technologies such as a psionic dampening field or inhibitors which could be used for further protection.

Those who are unable to use psionic skills whether they are protopsionic or archpsionic by species classification or otherwise are concidered inert. Most individuals regardless of race are inert. The percentage of psion occurances within most races are very low, usually less than a few percentages with the exception of a few species which have at least species based abilities as core to their very nature, such as the Nephatsu, however even then there are documented cases of inert psions.


  • Telepsionic (Telepathy) - Dealing with mind oriented access such as telepathy, mind reading, empathy, and mind control.
  • Clairsentience - Is the obtaining of information about people, events, objects that aren't necessarily clear. Of all the disciplines, this field is the least scientifically understood as often Clairsentience can involve information that has yet to pass, or that is otherwise unable to be known about the past, such as a poorly documented event or even that occurred so far back that is nearly impossible to know. It is known that Clairsentience is connected to Aurealpsionics and metapsionics.
  • Aurealpsionics - is the working with the actual aureal space on which psionics is known to primarily operate in.
  • Metapsionics - is the use of psionic energy itself for abilities such as a psionic blade, a physical shield of psionic energy, or manipulating psionic energy. It is also related to Clairsentience and Aurealpsionics.
  • Astralpsionics - allow the psion to manipulate themselves within the normal fabric of space such as anchoring, shifting between planes of the universe, causing non-mental images (astral-hallucination) and even time shifting.
  • Psychokinetics - the ability to control and manipulate objects as they exist in the universe such as telekinetic, control, destroying of objects.
  • Psychoelemental - similar to psychokinetic however more often used as using a more raw form of matter to imbue or enhance give status to something else.