Psionic Shielding

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General Information

While in use, those within its effect field are rendered PSI Null. Even the most powerful PSI can be inhibited to nothing with this device. All outside psionic mind based abilities are also nullified (such as emotion casting, Mind Scan, lifeform scan, mind read, mind bind, manifestations, etc)


Device to inhibit psionic activity. Primary design is for shielding less powerful PSI from Psionic based attacks to the mind.

GENERAL USE : Diplomacy to prevent Mind scan, Detaining powerful Psions ( to prevent physical abilities such as Elemental, Telekenesis, etc ) , spies, Military situations were troops cannot be compromised by Psionic influence.

APPEARANCE : The single individual Model consists of a Lightweight headband which can be embedded into a cap, or helmat. Generally uses a DQS Crystal for the inhibiting of the PSIONIC ability. Larger models ( for situations were you wish to inhibit large spaces ) require much more energy than the Individual version. To engage a larger field, the energy output is increased greatly. Different Races will have separate appearances of the device, however most show the DQS crystal in open view, connected with wires, and other miscelaneous components.

BLACKMARKET : Some blackmarket models have ability to tunnel specifically tuned psionic signals to the wearer. These models have been known to cause Psionic damage, as well as phsyical brain trauma (low level brain damage.) The Unified Space Intelligence does not use the black market version.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


Does not protect from spacial or physical activity caused by psionic ability, such as Telekenesis, or Elemental ability.