Plasma Disrupter

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General Information

Plasma disrupter based weaponary is effective and devastating. While usually designed in hand held weapons to minimized user overload related causualties, it still yields moderate damage with effective accuracy at a range of 25 Meters*. While plasma cells are heavy, the overall simplicity of the weapon yeilds for a fairly light handheld gun in comparison to its output. Total range for weapon is 100 Meters before fired shots lose cohesiveness and disperse (at standard killing settings).

Applications : Wraithe have largly developed this technology for weaponary use in hand held format. Their streamlined Wraithe Plasma Disrupter is a favorite among their species due to its effectiveness. The Wraithe's PD weighs in at nearly 2.3 Kg due to a increased capacity of the Plasma Cell. The WPD uses an internal battery for its functions to give full capacity as ammo to the Plasma Cell. The WPD yields about a 300 killing shots, which can be dispersed over an hour period without any heat issues. The WPD is capible of rapid fire sucession of about 5 shots per second, however after ten seconds, the WPD must wait a cooldown of twenty seconds prior to be firing again. Failure to do so will result in permanate damage to the weapon and a 80% likelyhood of internal combusion which can result in death to the user.


Plasma Torch - the same principle applies for torches as do the disrupters, with the torch fine focusing the output for precision and designed for streamed use. The torch yields approximately 20 minutes of sustained cutting power before cell replacement. The torth is effective upto 5mm before it is unable to cut anything. Increasing range would drop the torch into a weapon catagory and would suffer sustainability.

Plasma Mine - Set to release the entire cell in a single uncontrolled explosion triggered by an event (such as being tripped, stepped upon, etc).

Plasma Bomb/Grenade - Identicle in use of their traditional counterparts, the Plasma varients are just as deadly if not as deadlier.

Limitations : Heat build up restricts output to fire ratio and the users own happy medium must be established. Failure to recognize and take into consideration will result in permanate device damage and possible user death. Due to the high energy output and storage of the Plasma Disrupters, it may render some cloaks and stealth technique useless.

Last Minutes Notes : The Plasma disrupter as a weapon is designed for killing or destruction. Its use as a non-lethal weapon is almost non and should be handled with extreme care. The wraithe versions are likely too heavy for the average species due to their increased weight.

USI has a small limited number of these, almost always used in Darkarian situations or where the option of non-lethal action is not available. In most situations, USI Aegis are the ONLY authorized personell to carry and handle. Ceremonously Wraithe are allowed to carry, but are not by default granted permission to arm and use the weapon.

Plasma based weaponry are also known to cause a high electromagnetic interference which can cause some undesired effects with unshielded ground devices and smart-seeking technologies, making it difficult to hunt down with precision source and destroy it.

Varients of the weapon are avaiable (Grenade Launcher, Lights, etc). Specific Application Details are below.

WEAPON EFFECTIVE Range MAX Range ROF BURST Per Clip NOTES Wraith PlasmaThrower 5 m 10 m Varies 52 Sec Wide Angled Flame-thrower type weapon. Wraith Plasma Disrupter 25 m 100 m 5/sec 60 Standard Wraith Assault Weapon Wraith Plasma Destroyer 50 m 200 m 1/2 min 3 Wraith Multi-purpose Heavy Weapon. Wraith Plasma Torch Contact Contact 1/2 min 20 min Wraith all-purpose cutting tool.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


Plasma Disrupters may have their fire output modified like most energy weapons, with little or no physical modification to the weapon. Higher output yields is increased heat buildup and longer cooldown and shorter burst times, but produce more effect immediate results, and lower ammo yield from the cell. Lower output yields in less heatbuild up, shorter cooldowns, and longer burst times and produce less risk to the user, longer cell life, and less weapon effectiveness.

Other Weapon Applications : Plasma Destroyer, a 'cannonlike' Plasma Disrupter which yields maximum output of available technology. THere is no rapid version of this weapon due to its 2 minute cooldown and 3 shot capacity cell (anymore would yield a too heavy battery and render it impracticle).

Plasma Cells can vary in size and weight for application and desired capacity. The Cells themselves however are volitile and can present a hazard, and may encomber the 'holder' of such cells. It has been found that holding more than 4 or 5 additional cells increases the dangers significently.