Natameln Resistance

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Natameln Resistance
Associated Species :
Location :
  Zeta Trisector
Military Info :
Leadership/Government :
  Anarchy, Terrorists
  15 Degrees


The Natameln Resistance brand themselves as a resistance or freedom fighters against the Metorian Alliance. In reality, they are Terrorists bend on destroying innocent lives and causing property Destruction. They claim that the Metorian Alliance has illegally occupied their space and thrashed their economy despite even the Species:Bekkir, not acknowledging or being able to substantiate the NR's claims.

Diplomatic Status with USI

They are an enemy by default due to the strong Alliance between the Metorian Alliance and the USI.


No Historical Accounts


The Natameln Resistance is made up Primarily of SIS, SFC, and Shuttles. They do not have the resources nor the political ties to gain them any larger ships.