Modular Data Unit

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  Handheld Computer
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General Information

The MDU comes in different sizes and styles, usually depending on situation and purpose. Regardless of what flavor or size is being used, one thing remains: Its modular. The basic core of the MDU is the DIDD (Data Input/Display Device) and the scanner. What makes the MDU come alive is the mods. The practical applications would be Medican, Sciences, Technical, Psionic, but others can be explored. When combined with the mods, the scanner becomes attuned for that specific task. This makes the scanner more effective for its task. The MDU has the ability to connect to the SCD and the LCM ( which is replacing the SCD) for advanced medical and certain scanning features. In return the LCM may be enhanced by the MDU's capibilities, making operation of the MDU sometimes very easy and effective.


Primary Use : Modular Scanning device for a wide range of applications.

Secondary Use : Data Input/Display Divice (DIDD), which would replace PDA's and other personal assistant devices.

The modular reference is mostly the scanning componant, and its related software. Its possible to have other modular componants of the MDU.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


Images of Some MDU's used in USI.


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