Mobius Battery

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  Battery, Energy Storage
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General Information

Using MQS Crystals, the Battery topology is similar to a 3 dimensional Mobius Strip or Klein Bottle. The resulting design is that a higher yield of energy can be stored directly into the crystals matrix, at the expense of weight. Energy is forced into the battery by way of carefully fabricating the crystals topology, using weaker matrices to the advantage where they would normally inhibit the storage quality. The durability of the battery is directly related to how much a given battery is charged, and how often. Higher yields and higher usage decrease the lifetime. Consequently, usage degrades the crystal's at a much higher rate because they are fabricated, and not natural. Regular maintenance can provide limited repairing of the crystals matrix topology but only so much can be done before the crystal breaks. If a high enough yield of energy is in the crystal if it cracks completely, then a resulting explosion may occur.


Improving on their already high tech batteries, the Kordians were able to introduce the Metorians rare crystalline to their Mobius Batteries. The Mobius MQS Batteries do yield some changes from their original design, mostly dealing with higher yield capacity, yet a more fragile system.

The weight is a direct correlation of how much energy is in it, the energy density index.This is why too much energy can ruin the battery permanent.

Pros : High Energy Yield to Size Ratio, perhaps a high compatibility.

Cons : High Weight to Energy Ration, Volatile - yields a higher explosion if damaged enough, expensive to maintain, larger versions require a station to recharge.


There is currently no history report for this technology.


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