Metorian Alliance

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Metorian Alliance
Associated Species :
Location :
  Galactic Borders
Military Info :
Leadership/Government :
  Constitutional Monarchy, Democratic.


The Metorian Alliance started with the dissolution of the Metorian Empire shortly after the opening of the STNN near Deep Space Alpha and the appearance of the Stealth Project Ship. The dissolution had already begun several years before as the Empire was seeing a need of meaningful alliances rather than imperial conquest. The revival of the USI in the new era helped pushed this idea forward. The previous Absolute Monarchy was thus dissolved and the Queen of the Metorian Empire was transformed into a Constitutional Monarchy with her keeping her position as Queen, a Ceremonial role, though still head of the newly formed, Metorian Alliance State.

Diplomatic Status with USI

Ally. With strong historical ties to the Seccour Family, the Metorian Alliance found wisdom in not openly declaring war despite its disappointment, like the GA, that they were not able to claim the technology of the Stealth Project Ship. This proved to be well founded position as they found an ally to strengthen their resolve during the transformation of the Empire into the Alliance.


Historical Account