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Home System:
Home Planet:
  Mesa II
Age Range:
Psionic Type:
Faction Member :
  Mesan Commonwealth

Notable Features

Humanoid, smaller than average Terrans, but with a slightly longer lifespan. Mesans are mostly noted for their 4 fingers per hand (3 fingers, 1 thumb) and their unique spinal bone structure which gives them a double pronounced ridge along their back.


Despite being a few hundred years behind the Terrans at the time of their arrival, the mesan by contrast was a much younger species and advancing at a rate which was much quicker than their new guests. While their history had its fair share of war, by the time they encountered the Terrans, they had been unified into a Commonwealth. With the Terrans being already more advanced technologically, the Mesans used this to their advantage to grow significantly. With the creation of the GA, the two societies began to merge significantly, blurring the species genetic bloodlines of both races.

Other Information

While having their own troubled past with warfare, as the Mesans grew into technology filled ages, they began to drift into a deep thinking philosophical people. When the meeting of the Terrans first occured, the planet had united into a Commonwealth with War becoming more and more a thing of the past. Despite having a few small renegade opposition groups, the Mesans are peaceful people. Mesans are commonly amiable people, making it easy for outsiders to seemingly influence them. They are not gullible or easily controllable, but often choose paths of least resistance, especially if it favors them during a supposed compromise.

Known Abilities