MQS Crystal

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Affiliation :
Type :
  Misc, Crystal
Available :
  USI Common, Rare
Range :

General Information

Metorian Quantum Silicate not only is the most rare type of crystal in the universe; its properties are even more rare. The ability to perfectly bend, enhance, and manipulate energy and light are just one of the many qualities of the MQS Crystals. Most are found to be a light white light appearance to them (meaning they glow with a white light) which are used in high tech systems and even higher tech star Ships.


In the caves of the planet Metras, sister planet to Metoras, these crystals grow with an un-compromised purity and exactness. The even rarer red crystal is so rare that its properties and composition is still unknown.

The Crystal is only found in the astroid fields in the Metoras system. Only allies of them ( including USI ) have access to the gem. There are many forms of it.

WMQS - Standard , or White, Used in technology as a factor for increasing effeciency energy and output. Also used to tune soliton waves for travel. RMQS - Red, more rare, higher manipulation abilities DMQS - Dark - Black, Same rarety as the RMQS, emotes properties opposite of the standard MQS TMQS - Time - Exhibites weird properties, hard to explain. Not used much. Exhibites many quantum properties (Quantum Shielding for Spacial anomolies, etc.) BMQS - Blue, Exhibites Temporal based properties (used to generate the Temporal Shielding for example)


There is currently no history report for this technology.


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